Emotionalism is an obstacle.

As I have written, emotionalism is an obstacle, in that, most people have scattered emotions. The most intense expressions of emotionalism are through anger, and fear. All other expression, like those of sentiment, are actually quite subdued by most, really, compared to the intensity of expression of angers, hatred, and fears. On the path of Bhakti Yoga the emotions are centered and concentrated on one thing, one therefore, becomes highly sensitive, and the body and mind become finely tuned. This is heightened sensitivity, and it is a heightened sensitivity to other people, their thoughts, and their feelings. One becomes highly sensitive to the inner depths of mind. Transcendental experiences occur, just one of these experiences is enough to completely transform ones attitude, and understanding of life. One can see quite clearly that the view of life once accepted as true is all wrong. This complete change causes ones relationship with all of life to transform. One is on the path to perfection. These experiences, I speak to you of, are clear indication of such. But one can only know this for themselves, no matter how much I speak to you of it.

Expressions of Bhakti need not be highly dramatized, like in highly dramatic actions, but they may be. Such expressions are like dancing and singing, the expressions of joy and Bliss. The Sufi Dervishes, these are an example of such people. Many bhaktas go about themselves filled with Blissful Love, and outward expression. However, each action and thought is done in total awareness of the Divine, all acts are done in worship, and a very limited ego. For the person now relies on intuition.


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