Both external and internal worship are good, one should practice both.

A person who remains in constant remembrance experiences joy, and awareness spontaneously. People who are in love with each other think of one another constantly. Is that not so? It’s automatic, it’s not a choice. A Bhakta thinks of
The Mother, Guru, mantra, deity in the same way with the same intensity. This remembrance permeates ones whole being 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated, he repeated only one thing,”Ram, Ram, Ram.” This is what I mean by ceaseless remembrance.

Both external and internal worship are good, one should practice both. Internal worship is different for most people, because it requires visualization. For most it’s difficult so they worship The Mother in Guru, or deity, they worship in a Temple. The sole purpose of both is devotion, devotion to a particular form in order to induce meditation. If one has a Guru, Bhakti is essential for it is the very essence of the relationship, without it the Guru disciple relationship cannot be. If there is not Bhakti, then perhaps the Guru is not your Guru. Why is Bhakti essential in this relationship? Because the disciple will not be receptive to the Gurus guidance, and instructions. Therefore, the Guru is unable to aid the disciple in the transformation from the gross to the more subtle, there must be a natural attraction. At first this may not be recognized by the disciple, the devotion may be unconscious, yet it must exist.



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