Bhakti Yoga is the simplest, quickest, and easiest path to union with the Divine.

It’s not easy to give a discourse on Bhakti Yoga. For I have told you, Bhakti must be felt and experienced for oneself. These mere words, in my attempt to offer you understanding, may send any one of you off into dogmas or misinterpretations of what has been indicated here. However, the aim has been to open the minds, and to convey the truths about Bhakti Yoga. There are true tried perfect methods of the unfoldment of Bhakti. An aspirant must experience for themselves what is the best for their individual selves.

The Shreemad Bhagavadtan, there are nine methods of unfoldment of Bhakti. The first one, is Shravanam, hearing stories of Divine incarnations. Kirtanam, the chanting of the names of Divinity. Smaranam, the continual remembrance of Divinity in any form. Padashevanam, service to the Guru, or service done in the name of the Divine. Archanam, ritualistic worship and offerings. Bandanam, mental worship of everyone, and everything as being the form of Divinity. Dasyam, the feeling of being the servant of the Divine. Sakhyam, the attitude of friendship. Atma Nivedannam, total surrender. This is the list named in the Shreemad Bhagavatam for the awakening of Bhakti.

If it is not obvious let me make an attempt to make it so, Bhakti Yoga is the simplest, quickest, easiest path to union with the Divine. You must come to have peace of mind, and spontaneously experience Bhakti for yourself. Once you are transformed and experience Higher Awareness, beyond your present concepts and perceptions, your whole being will know peace and contentment. For you have detached all the more from the ignorance you once clung to in desperate fear of loss of ego, and you’ve come closer to the remembrance of your own Divinity.

May you attune to your Divine state deep within.

Prem and SHANTI my Beloved ones.



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