The Native American Indian holocaust started by Christopher Columbus

To truly embrace the psychology of evil all aspects of both psychology and science need be accepted and understood as working together. To postulate anything other is absurdly limiting in concept. We have all been privy to the knowledge of evil at work in different times throughout history. For various reasons the Nazi regime always stands out as a paramount example. This was only a particular time, with a particular culture. That is not to diminish the truly evil human beings and what they did to the human beings of the holocaust. Yet, right here in this very country the genocide of the Native American Indians is but another example of evil human beings wielding the sword of deceit, powered by hate and oppression, without even an inkling of remorse. Instead, with an unflinching entitlement to kill, pridefully waiting reward for having done so. I am not referring to just physical murder here. I include the killing of spirit, of religion, of a way of life as it had been lived without the knowledge of oppression. I ask you, as you journey through the inner corridors of your own being, if you even do so, do you ever ask yourself at what points am I aware of where my life was at the pivotal point of falling prey to evils’ inviting hand? What did I do to renounce to the deal of succumbing to the sale of my soul to evil? It’s just a question.



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