To be infected with the disease of evil, one must sell their soul.

May this find each and every one of you at peace and ready to further your knowledge and deepen your understanding of evil and its presence in our humanness. May your choice be to know the truth no matter what fear may come up inside of you at knowing that truth. There is no greater power than the power of truth born of pure love. Precious Gandhiji once said, “Truth is God and God is truth”. The source of truth is pure love, I say to you, and from pure love; all answers to the mysteries of life are revealed. My question to you at this point is, are you willing to take yourselves to the depths of your very being in order to relieve yourselves of ignorance, of self-deception even if it means standing alone in that truth.. You see, for one to be infected with the disease of evil, one must sell their soul to the master of darkness many times; many lifetimes until the spirit of goodness and love are diseased with the spirit of evil. Remember now, don’t be afraid, at the word disease, if it will ease your mind simply means in opposition to peace, to health, to listening to your conscious, that is the inner voice which is the soul. So don’t be afraid. I have mentioned to you that children are vulnerable and somewhat innocent. But, at this point I must also caution those who choose to wallow in their naiveté of thinking and believing that all children are immediately, inherently sweet little love bugs, so to speak. For the spirit of evil to exist and do its work it needs a live person, as I mentioned earlier. Karma is cause and effect, and this karma occurs over time. If one has chosen the power of evil through the misuse of free will rather than truth and love as their direction of self-development and growth as a human being then in time one will be born of the spirit of evil.



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