Father God religion has pervaded in its distortion of true leadership

Blessings to you all. The Motherhood of God, the oldest religion known. It is by Her Divine grace alone that She reveals Herself in many forms of truth via the human existence. To recognize Her is to capture a glimpse of one’s own Divinity. You are Her child, She is in you, you are Her. To immediately surrender to this truth is forgiveness of the disease in which you suffer, forgetfulness, the ignorance of your oneness with all of nature Herself. A spoonful of elixir to cure the ailing child, you, one on the path to recovery is how I see it. We are all attempting to return to centeredness. This is powerful and one’s ego may inflate to dangerous levels. So to return to the memory of worship of Her Divine Self, to perform ritual, sadhana, practice of balancing, of attaining Self-Awareness, is the key, with the attitude of forgiveness for our own suffering in ignorance as well as the suffering of all humanity. We are then relieved of the disease, emotional paralysis, that being fear of God. We are free of fear if we make our foundation in Mother’s love. The power of Her greatness allows for all of ego’s personalities’ quirks to be dissolved. We easily transcend the fear of annihilation by God the Father for any of our transgressions. Tantra Yoga provides us with the means to this truth and we attain perhaps the greatest awareness of True Motherliness with sincere practice.

One distinct problem with the Father God religion is this, it has pervaded in its distortion of true leadership and extended to western psychology, western medicine the same distortion. The religion of the Great Mother was the foundation of leaders in societies and of healers. For instance, the males of ancient societies be they druids or Sufis, followed the precepts of mothering. In western society, if a so-called, political leader or even a doctor were to take on a motherly attitude with people or patients, they would inevitably act quite differently. In Yoga, specifically Tantra, it is insisted upon that all males should learn and practice motherly love with all beings, with all of life. It is said by many male Gurus, that their desire is to be a female in their next life. Many true male Gurus strive toward perfecting the feminine qualities and attributes within themselves, so as to be of true benefit to all of life, to all sentient beings.



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