Mother Earth (ME- Saham – I am She. She is me.)

In Tantra Yoga, one worships The Mother, the feminine in all of Her Sacredness. It is said to be the most effective advanced method of inculcating motherly feelings. Just think of it, “if the world is The Mother and all creatures are the family, loneliness, fear, and desperation would be non-existent”. It is said in Tantric Yoga teachings, what else could be needed but the acceptance of The Mother. She will love you without conditions. She will always do for you. Therefore, She is the One to be realized. A true Mother knows nothing else but love for her child. To really understand the oldest religion on earth we really must recollect the saying Mother Earth (ME- Saham – I am She. She is me.).  We must accept the reality of the ancient teachings based on time dimension, that God was female for well over 200,000 years of human existence on earth before human religions and organizations ever existed. It was the spirit of our earliest ancestors. The Great Mother Herself was autonomous, is autonomous, The True Creator of the world, The Sustainer of all. She took total responsibility of all good and bad in the world, all being children of Her own Creation. In Nepal, Mount Everest was early on considered Mother’s breasts. The saying is Mother Mountain of the Universe. It is found in the world’s oldest myths on Creation that god, the female, created the world from her own body. Of course there is no mention of this truth in western and modern religions.



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