Christian Coalition of Fear

Whenever and wherever there is the inevitability of kill or be killed in spirit or physical-emotion-mental, evil is always involved no matter who started what. Be it a verbal fight or an all out war amongst people. Somewhere, someone  had to lose consciousness. An example that I can give of war on the human spirit is the Christian Coalition and it’s constant badgering of the spirit of humanity who do not believe in their doctrine. Notice I did not say Jesus or his teachings, but, more so their relevant interpretation. They hack away at others through any means, mostly evil. For, one who is at peace with their religion does not have the need to force others to align with them or be dammed to hell. How cunning this evil psychology is in working within these sick minds, again, appearing pious in the name of God, another holy war whether we want to admit the truth or not. The insisting that they must do anything and everything to save your soul from entering hell. They even use the slogan, “Fear God”. I have not known ones whom take comfort in fear!



One comment on “Christian Coalition of Fear

  1. Such a strange religion where by there is a punishment for not believing, I have a feeling that this religion was brought into place more as a way of controlling the masses, nothing controls people better than fear, especially the fear of Hell, if you are inclined to believe it.

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