Klesas are our tendencies.

In Yoga, we place emphasis on the process of knowledge gained overtime, lifetimes. We recognize human development and growth as much more than just simple genetics and parenting, although these both play a part in our development of course and growth. In Yoga, we accept something we call samskaras, these are the past actions based on our previous existence, otherwise known as cause and effect.

We include something called Klesas, which are the tendencies of here and now based on lives that we once led and how we go about our actions based in our karmas. So, is it possible we can say the lives we lead now have to do with choices we have made previously, over time? Yes, and further these choices we made over time include our use of or misuse or no use at all of free will. We can say by the presence of klesas, (tendencies), we then develop with the aid of our present situation and conditions of course that having to do with our family and our surroundings. As a child, ones use of or suppression of free will is taken into account here in how it is.

We use our free will this is determined greatly of our knowledge and our conscious use of will. Are we willing to do what is right despite the ensuing consequences? Will we do what is wrong because we have the freedom to choose and willfully do the wrong because we can? I’m thinking here the problem may be that we play with free will. Often, haphazardly believing that we can enter in with or even somewhat toy with the forces of evil and then exit at anytime we choose. Meaning, we have desires, and the question here is how far are we willing to go to fill those desires? Each and every choice followed by consequence or reward belongs solely to the individual. If we chose the right action because we have free will then we are choosing to give into something, which is a greater good than even our relevant concept of truth, God. If, through free will, we are willing to do wrong then we are giving up true freedom to fulfill our desires. To a point of basing our decisions of course on that relevant truth to suit our will, to prove we can do as we choose, often not giving any thought to the outcome. This is what we call evil.


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