It is from the Sacred Feminine that the first trinity takes birth.

It is from the sacred feminine that I see the first trinity takes birth, mother, child, spirit. Mother and child remain in communion through spirit. It’s patriarchal perversion, father, son, and holy ghost. We have wounded the spirit through our separateness. The re-emergence of the sacredness of the feminine is the medicine to heal the disease of our collective psyche.

We have tangible irrefutable proof that more than 30,000 years ago the wisdom force Herself was worshiped in the many forms of the Goddess. We cannot deny it, except in effort to keep the oppressiveness of this truth deeply rooted by his-story. Archeology and science has noted human images dating as far back in history as 30,000 to 5,000 BCE, all predominately females depicting the full breasts, the fertile bellies and large round hips, all factual indication of our ancient ancestor’s reverence for the feminine as the one divine power nurturing, protecting, and sustaining them in their existence.

It was only about 4,000 years ago that patriarchy became the dominating power and rejection of the primordial feminine became the suppressing force.


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