To cure the human being, is to return to our original self.

The oldest religion, The Motherhood of God. Now in western philosophies, western religions, this is not something that we know about, that we hear about. It’s simply not spoken of. The Divine Mother is the dynamic cosmic energy pervading the entire universe. She is the source of all. She is the ultimate personality, the Supreme expression of totality. We are all her children, individual, limited expressions of Her Divine permanent unchanging, undifferentiated unity, the Absolute Reality. As human beings our personalities are self identified with ego and having separated ourselves from the One who possesses all qualities and attributes. We are limited to a given set of qualities and attributes, which we term separate personalities. Animals, trees, flowers, human beings all have their own individuality, their own separate qualities and attributes, as well as those disembodied beings, which in fact are actually less individualized, but that would be a different study all in itself. I say this to raise your awareness of separateness from the One Absolute reality.

To expand your thinking further, consider just how separate we really have become. There are many diseases in the universe. A disease being one of purely parasitic intent, some of these are collective in their consciousness like animals, dogs, cats, bees, ants, viruses even bacteria. Some diseases are simply due to what we say a malfunctioning in the metabolism that may come about within any given organ system. These all have separate personalities. When a disease enters into the body of one with its own ego system, immediately there is differentiation because it cannot take hold of that entire system which it has invaded. We can actually look at that entire system as a universe all of its own A universe with its own personality. When a disembodied spirit enters into the body of a living person, the diseased, if you will, state will in turn show itself or make its` self obvious through symptomalogies that are displays of obvious alteration from the previous mentality along with a very distinct group of changes. Such as the habits and the patterns of the morals and values of the previous inhabitant of that body or that individual universe, my point here, is to cure the disease, is to return the invaded entity to its normal state. Therefore, to cure, so to speak, the human being of its ignorance which is the root cause of all pain and suffering due to separation from the one, is to return to our original self not the ego self, the true self which is a self of joy, equanimity, peace, serenity, a balanced state of consciousness, if you will.



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