Western religions dogmatically reminds us that we are sinners.

All religions speak of the veil in some context or another. In Yoga, we call it the veil of ignorance. Are we so unconsciously ashamed of our childish fits to ensure our separateness that we act out in self-righteous martyrdom allowing the dictation of our ego to be the captain at the helm of our vessel? It’s just a question.

We hold to this disease state like a child refusing to take its medicine in this case the elixir of life, amrita we say in yoga, mother’s milk, the nectar of immortality. Immortality, the one desire of those who have a belief in reincarnation, the knowledge of reincarnation brings about in one who is consciously living life the desire to live through all of its karmas all in one given lifetime so as not to return to the wheel of pain and suffering over and over again.

This desire ensures one to cleanse and purify all affliction of the eight disease states. Some believe this requires the living of a dull existence devoid of passion and enjoyment of life’s fruits. Most of the major religions of the world insist on abstinence of all pleasures in life yet, a loving mother wishes to fulfill all her childs’ desires. Whereas, the father god of most western religions dogmatically reminds us of how sinful we are born, original sin it’s called. We live as a sinner and we die a sinner. I see this as a powerful oppression by use of relevance in thought, in other  words, to serve man through the appropriation and distortion of the Ultimate (Absolute) Truth.



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