The chakras are representative of the powers of our consciousness.

Western science has proven that human beings use very little of their potential. Studies at the esoteric levels conclude the same understanding. The Mooladhara, which is the lowest of the human chakras, represents the level of humanity where the severe limitations of both knowledge and our ability to act are located. The higher chakras indicate how the human being can progressively transcend the limitations of the present and go beyond themselves. The highest chakras also represent the higher levels of understanding, and have to do with harmony, and bliss, and the higher knowledge.

The chakras are also representative of the powers of our consciousness that are within our grasp, that is of each human being. The chakras are a depiction of the expansion of the “I”, or the I’ness as was mentioned. “I”, generally, for most of us symbolizes the limitation to this body identification that we have. And this has to do with the level of the Mooladhara chakra. Now as one comes to higher understanding, or becomes more conscious, then the higher chakras are awakened, and therefore the understanding of the I’ness expands, and one goes beyond just the ego identification of body, and is able to be conscious of the inner connectives of all of life. This ultimate expansion that I’m referring to occurs in the totality of the Saharara chakra, which again I remind you is beyond the six pranic centers corresponding to the gross body of the human being.

These centers of subtle energies are located along the spinal system and they’re also referred to as the spiritual path itself.



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