Change the attitude of survival during the holiday time.

A person may not realize the strengths that do exist in them. It is not the persons fault, if I may say this, it is simply the consequences of the life lived. The mere fact that they have passed through years in these unsettled feelings, and thoughts about the holiday time, shows that they are strong, there’s tenacity.

The idea is to change the attitude of survival, to one of acceptance, and actually live not just survive. Surviving life gives one a false sense of strength. It’s an artificial strength, over shadowing the positive strength and the tendencies within the person. Knowledge and understanding give a person a firm foundation on which to fight the battle of overcoming past impressions, and negative perceptions.

We are spiritual beings. Our birth right is freedom, and it begins within us. To be free of these existing problems, that we face during the holiday time, would mean knowing peace, and happiness, which are born of the innate freedom of ones soul.



During the holidays, let love be the foremost thought.

Sometimes we’re not certain as to an exact problem, this is understandable, because although one thing may have happened to trigger negative feelings and thought, the reoccurrence of similar pattern in our outer world would feed the negative feelings and patterns, and they grow into hideous thorny jungles, that one builds around oneself, and the negativity remains as a constant reminder that holidays are not good. This creates a very dark and dismal view of this time.

We will not let go of our perceptions, we do not trust, we lose hope, and we refuse our self the happiness that is locked up inside. So basically, these problems are existing because they are floating in the unconscious of one, and one has imprisoned themselves in the past, and conditioned is how they live their present life. Conditioned by these imprisoning memories. And if it continues, then it determines the future of all holiday experiences, you see.

We don’t recognize we have strength, but once we see we have strength, there’s no reason to separate. The fear of vulnerability is so deep, we use it against each other. How do we react? We re-act with hatred, with malice, with contempt. Those pure of heart and quiet of mind, who have shown vulnerability are often physically completely destroyed. People allow themselves to be destroyed because vulnerability is seen as a weakness, not a strength. We cannot see the love of Divine Mother at work, especially at the worst circumstances. We see the circumstance as someone wishing to cause us harm and we stick to past impressions. How our self-righteous and wilfulness can be very destructive to our self and others.

Let love be the foremost thought. If love is the foremost thought and that’s what guides your actions, there’s nothing to worry about. Accept, hold Self steadfastly and stay quite disciplined to that.


Why problems exist, with regard to the holiday time.

With childhood tendencies, we simply react to all the ugly memories in the unconscious, and the conscious. Even if the people in the situations of the past are not here in one’s life right now, one will continue to react to those faces, voices, and circumstances as though they are reliving them with each moment in the holiday time. Stopping old patterns is difficult, but it is not impossible.  

People blame and accuse others in order to avoid responsibility for ones own negativity or discomfort. This gives the person a reason to remain victim to any unfortunate circumstance they suffered. To take responsibility would mean becoming aware of the feelings these unfortunate memories have produced. This requires introspection, for along with this introspection comes memories of how we wanted to experience differently the holiday time, and we should hold on to those little memories of light.

Faith is born of this understanding. The battle of the ego becomes a little easier, because it is more difficult for the stickiness to bind past impressions born of the senses.



We are in the orb of the full moon lunar eclipse in Gemini, a time of  contemplation, perhaps reassimilation .  Most important as the approaching of the eclipse it is the time for dipping into the well of knowledge in search of the allegedly obscure core of wisdom. The global turmoil will hasten.  But, I ask you… what about those whom do not carry a declaration of hate\war rape of the world in their hearts with a carefully skilled plan of conquering The Life Force. Why do you speculate rather than reach for the innate?

Because of this government many people hate this country and are unaware, many of you are not wanting what is occurring. Religion, politics, POWER OVER are cold-blooded systemically diseased beings smearing the mucus of dysfunction thru-out the nervous system of this planet and the consciousness. NOW is the time to remain steadfast in TRUTH! You WILL face your shadow self willingly or by the force of  this paradigm shift. It is an inevitable movement into the HEART CHAKRA. Time to reveal\remembre  the truth of the memory track, The Soul is the repository of ALL that you are and the life you have lived.

The Power of LOVE reemerging from the feminine forces WILL over come the tyranny of violent oppressive predatory means of KILLING Spirited feminine Beings, beginning with Mother Earth proving mankind and its cohort enabling woMEN to be merely a pon on the chess board of life.

According to statistics, 91% of womyn are fearful of violence more than all else.(Maria Hinojosa)  Violence by men, such as the 2012 military documentary,” THE INVISIBLE WAR” RAPE,TORTURE,CHRONIC HARASSMENT, ABUSE @ ALL LEVELS. THREATS OF MORE OF THE SAME IF SHE SPEAKS UP followed by the well planned out Feres Doctrine,One can not sue for harm while in the military stripping away HER and a minute (hims) of basic constitutional ‘rites’. Men rarely go against each other… HIS-STORY proves it for even the so-called high-ranking will remain ambivalent  to take action lest their sexual predatory self come to lite EH? These so-called god fearin’ pencil d**ks do not really APPEAR too fearful of BIG DADDY in the sky @ the moment of a vicious assault,most by the way ARE criminal serial RAPIST, YES, they have acted and reenacted out these lewd\lacivious acts before. 33% of femayles in the military do not report the rape due to the above mentioned HIS-STORY, the person SHE reports to is a friend of the rapist: even worse the one SHE reports to IS THE RAPIST in 25% of cases. FYI: the rapist is unaffected and the victims life is MOST OFTEN RUINED!!! Another statistic reported is THE AVERAGE SEXUAL  OFFENDER HAS  AT LEAST 300 VICTIMS IN A GIVEN LIFE TIME! NOW here is the irony RAPE IS CONSIDERED AN OCCUPATIONAL HAZARD IN THE MILITARY. Sound familiar?  Incest a familial hazard, dating, a social hazard, socializing, a personal choice hazard… Womyn insist the “care\release” program provided by the military is even more dangerous, better to opt out truly what a joke!

Men like dogs, only cold-blooded use womyn like fire hydrants pi**ing on the Spirit of the womyn to mark his territory often waiting in line for their turn, no thought no heart, but karma is unavoidable.

In the clinical field of psychology \as a Spiritual Preceptor and before adulthood awareness of this life purpose made This Girl a REFUGE for the abused esp. sexual. Many people may balk at the revealing of Truth you attain from This One, however having been born to two EVIL caretakers was the one pointed purpose of this life, a karmic choice to awaken as an infant how not to be. Knowing they too suffered abuses as a child I understand, but must use these experiences to awaken your ignorant enabling selves to the manifested infestation of intense chaos in the lives of the abused and all those who are in their lives; children spouses friends etc…

Final note: most of you have the USUAL opinions on these teachings of this nature when they are given, the wheel of samsara turns balance is a must. This Ones heart has been used against Her, but it will not silence Her. Not having ever been quiet about the Truth remember, the hidden you may run but the lite of awareness will shine upon you. Be not victim nor survivor, BE FEARLESS! Womyn are not yet united, still divided. Make effort to face OPPRESSION and protect the birthright to be vulnerable…PERFECT LOVE  PERFECT TRUST   SO BE IT



During the holiday time, “to thine own self be true”.

For many, children are made to be the problem at the holiday time, they want too much. We feel guilty because we are at work, and they are at school and day care, we spend only a few hour in the evening together so if I get you all things you want, you’ll be able to occupy yourself, because there isn’t enough time. Children become a problem because they don’t know the problems that perhaps one is facing at the holiday time, and the child becomes the problem because they are so jubilant, they’re happy, they’re caught up in the sensation of it all, and they enjoy it. There’s so much to eat, so much see, so much to do, so much laughter that they see, and we might get angry with them, because they’re young, and they don’t understand, and they should know that’s how we feel sometimes, they should know, everything isn’t wonderful, but your only a child, you have no cares like me, so they become the problem.

How these problems are handled depends on ones mental strength and stability, ones spiritual life, balanced emotions, and ones physical well-being. What happens often is a person digresses. They digress into the emotional turmoil of their childhood tendencies. The emotions have strengthened due to their hold on the minds perceptions, that are based on these past impressions, you see. A person will feel imprisoned, and feel unable to escape from this pressure, this emotional turmoil. However, I tell you, with true faith and devotion in ones spiritual life, that is, faith and devotion not born of fear, doubt, and coercion, one can escape the holiday blues. Ones mental strength, emotional balance, and healthy body depends on ones spiritual affiliation. Therefore, it is easy to see how many human beings suffer from the lack of spiritual aspiration by the percentage of human beings with holiday blues, it’s a very large percentage. I’m not just speaking of rote attendance to ones church, I’m speaking of true spiritual aspiration. One way of handling each and every one of these problems is to remember, “to thine own self be true”, then confront each problem.


The gift giving and receiving is a problem for many.

I find that, what I call hard heartedness, is a deep-rooted problem of many, sinister, would be a good way to put it. People have grown indifferent at a time that the spiritual significance has been lost. We have forgotten what true thanksgiving is about. We celebrate it’s loyally to those people who landed on the banks of some waters, but thanksgiving, giving thanks, praising God for the opportunity to be in the human existence, and desire nothing but to return to bliss and peace, and live the life accordingly.

People have forgotten what Christmas is all about, or suppose to be. Yes, it is the spirit of giving, but even that has stretched so far away from its truth, and people have become sinister, they have become hard in their hearts. Many people find the holiday time to be a time to survive, get through it, feel as though they have fought the battle and won. Some feel that the battle is too hard to fight, and they give up.

The gift giving and receiving is a problems for many. The obligatory gift giving and receiving, rather than giving with a heart filled with love. Buying a gift is easy, putting ones heart and thought into any individual that they may really want to give something to, is so important. Because people are so overwhelmed time becomes a problem, there isn’t time to sit and think, what is it I’d really like to give from my heart. There isn’t time because there is work, and shopping, there is cooking to do, there are presents to wrap, there are people to see, and places to go, and before you know it, one is overwhelmed, not knowing what to do, becoming emotionally distraught. There are those who decide that, that is not something they even want to try, or they have tried it and they’ve become sinister. So, they don’t make the time in their life to do these things. They don’t include it in their day, they don’t cook, they don’t want to shop, they don’t want to have to face what they consider a painful time.over time. The impressions we have created in

Character is built from thoughts and actions over time. The impressions we have created in our own mind come from taking them in through our senses. Character is built of habitual thoughts and actions. This, over time creates separation from The Divine.


Holiday internal family pressures, external family pressure.

Social pressure, family pressure internally and externally, these are some difficult problems to face. The social pressures of the holiday time are out of control.

I see more people in council that tell me, they hate Christmas shopping. They dread having to go out, and pace the pavements finding a particular gift, or not even know what to get, so they have to be out there in the crowds. People get angry when they don’t get what they want. People expect that you will show up at their party no matter what, and perhaps something comes and you can’t make it, you feel guilt.

The family pressure, whether they be internal family pressures, meaning, from your memories, and these people and situations are still plaguing you, or external family pressure, we in families are expected to appear for dinner, or to bring certain gifts, or to be a certain way, or to act accordingly, that is according to the holiday time, and what they call the holiday spirit, whether you feel it or not.

Thoughts and actions we display now are simply causing more impressions. You can say your thoughts are good and attempt to display good actions. Actions stem from unconscious thoughts for everyone until we are conscious. Your thoughts are always reflected in your actions. Even as you read this you are unaware of your unconscious thoughts controlling your reaction to my words. Hence, actions speak louder than words. Are you willing to accept responsibility for this? Do you understand?


Holiday money problems.

Money seems to be a very big problem for most people at the holiday time, not enough to buy all that needs to be had in order to meet all the obligatory arrangements that one has in their mind, all the gifts that one feels one needs to give. All the things that a person feels obligated to perform or to get say, for all the people in the office, or if a person is having a problems with their child, they feel perhaps if they got the child that one thing at Christmas that they really want, then everything will be OK, this kind of thing with money.

People struggle with what, and how much to give of oneself. Often people have a problem with over taxing themselves mentally, physically. They feel that they have to do so much, or some may feel that they don’t want to do so much, because they don’t want to be obligated. Yet, in their hearts there are some very good things perhaps that they’d like to do, and they don’t.

Many of us have to work many lifetimes resisting evil thoughts. We have to go on resisting negative thoughts to rid ourselves of proclivities towards them. Some should not resist them at all, but instead strive to understand their origin. This may not make any sense at all. We struggle often to understand the self, the karmas and integrities. When we stop fooling ourselves we start understanding what the character is built of.



Long live the turkey!

Childhood memories are the prime problem.

Fears are something that so many human beings suffer to fight back during the holiday time. Fear of being taken advantage of. Fear of not having enough money. Fear of not having others to be with. Fear of not being able to meet all the obligations that seem to come with the holiday time. I know there are many more, those are just a few examples.

Childhood memories are one of the prime problems that people face during the holiday time, unpleasant memories, abusive memories, memories of the holidays not being the way they are supposed to appear, or the way they appear to be going with others. All of these memories stay with us, and they make impressions in our mind, and they form the perceptions we have about anything and everything.

Impressions in the mind are created by past thought patterns. Each one of these thoughts set us up for future thoughts and future actions. These thoughts and actions depend on the very nature of yourself as a person. The very nature of these thoughts and actions create the thought am I happy or unhappy.