Evil is at work in our everyday lives. Do you recognize it?

We as human beings are born with free will. We do know right from wrong. We are weakened by fear even at our darkest hour, fear need naught turn us away from truth. For, the tiniest spark of love can melt the icy hand of evils near grasp and cause us to feel the welcoming pain of the stark reality of what we call guilt. This followed by remorse will lead us out of the temptation of darkness. Be not fooled into believing you are no longer susceptible at that point. Just know you have won the battle for now and bask in the strength of your goodness. For, you will need the power of that healing moment of pain and guilt to battle evil wearing different disguises at some other time.

I have spoken of evil on larger more palatable levels, political power and society and made mention of individual encounters. I feel it is absolutely necessary to make the graphic point; that evil is at work in our everyday lives. Evil can be at work in  chipper Mrs. so and so next door.  Evil can be at work in that smiley seemly pleasant guy at work. Unfortunately, we can even see the psychological effects worming its way into the hearts of children. Its sword of deceit taking over their minds and through the subtle yet consistent support of evils’ presence working through close relationships around them, they often succumb to evils’ grip. Sometimes not and these are the ones that we see acting out, like a new colt, bucking, jumping, playing and sometimes biting and displaying the enormous spirit within them, thank God. Because in truth, the end result of a healthy spirited person when one encounters the experience of an evil person is total complete unmitigated revulsion.

If evil is blatantly expressed one is sure to react in the mere attempts of survival itself. If the evil is so subtle as to be disguised as love and caring, appearing as normalcy for all intentional purposes, the healthy spirited one may not recognize the underlining psychology at work and this revulsion I speak of may not surface right away. It may take a long time; meanwhile the psychology of evil is worming its way deeper and deeper into their hearts and mind. Of course, the healthy person always appears in this respect to be a relentless problem in any case evil is completely dangerous to living. So, to experience revulsion is a sure sign of evils’ presence but, be ever vigilant that to be repulsed often brings about confusion in the human being. Is it me? Is it them? You need not despair in confusion, save not a moment, you need only ask the question, am I willing to recognize, admit or look at, accept and heal my own shortcomings, wrong doings? Am I willing to battle against my own self-betrayal and what it may have caused me to do? If you haven’t run away yet then you are what Jesus termed as “poor in spirit”. The poor in spirit are in constant self-examination and therefore are climbing the rungs of Jacobs Ladder; it doesn’t matter how swiftly or how slowly. Just that it is being done, you see. Oh, how comforting to know and admit that we are human and not perfect, that’s what I say. Comforting meaning there is room for growth and change but more importantly a willingness to do so.



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