Enjoyment is absolutely essential in the ultimate transcendence of all of our transgressions.

According to the oldest religion on earth, the religion of the Great Mother, enjoyment is absolutely essential in the ultimate transcendence of all of our transgressions. Think of it, this enjoyment I speak of is having everything to do with acceptance. Acceptance of all that occurs in ones own individual existence. Be the occurrence good or bad, no matter. Just as a truly loving Mother, accepts her child just as the child is, no flaw can be more powerful than the love of a Mother. In the case of god the father, no love seems powerful enough to transcend a given flaw. I ask you, is it any wonder why we cannot forgive each other, more importantly our own selves. Forgiveness requires acceptance. What I see is this, people unconsciously struggle to accept the concept of original sin. Yet, they refuse to forgive themselves for their transgressions, their wrong doings, as this would give truth to the very concept they refute.

Many people are not aware that fear, anger and envy are actually diseases in themselves, and these diseased states in ourselves and in others are simply due to our separation, our ignorance, our inability to remember our perfectness, our beauty, our unchanging undifferentiated connection with the Mother.



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