Maya – The delusional forces at work

It is easy, so it seems, for us to pick out diseased states in others rather than in ourselves and it therefore, makes it easier and more acceptable for us to be non-forgiving of others. This again keeps them separate from us and us from them because of our own refusal to see our own separateness. All of these are rooted in relevant truth according to each individuals` ego personality structure; in other words, everyone else is bad and I am good. They are wrong and I am right. Everyone else is to blame surely not I. We have simply forgotten that forgiveness is born of prem (pure untainted love). Prem, the highest love, which has no need of definition. We need only accept ourselves and others just as we and they are, all being children of the One Mother having many qualities and attributes not good not bad.

Balancing our transgressions is really to be done with joy. I know this may sound difficult if not impossible to some. With a joy to experience whatever it may be. Joy to become aware of idiosyncrasies within us before we ever notice them in another, joy in attaining knowledge, joy in the process of transformation. There is even joy to be found in pain, for in experiencing that pain, we awaken to a greater understanding a more balanced awareness. With perfect understanding comes forgiveness. From perfect understanding comes clarity. In this clarity, we are able to see the delusional forces at work; in yoga, we call her Maya. We see how we have woven the veil, the blanket of ignorance. How we have, in our separation from Mother, remained unconsciously unforgiving of our attempt to deem ourselves as the ultimate power. And yet, the relenting truth of having no power over death keeps us ever longing, longing for the secret to the mystery of life.



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