Myths contain mostly truth.

I realize that most people are aware of myths at some level or another. However, mankind has conveniently taught that myths are simply stories untrue made up dream like situations. I will tell you, as many would, myths contain mostly truth. They are the recorded knowledge from experience of the ancient ones.

The Great Mother being said to be the autonomous creator of the world has been throughout history conveniently replaced and somewhat forgotten by mankind. She has been replaced with the patriarchal father god who is completely self-serving, revengeful and through self-righteousness, demands obedience or he will anger and damn to hell those who refuse to follow his dictation.

In one of the world’s oldest creation myths, which by the way comes from northwest India, is said that the earth was in the form of the human being. Her head was the snow-covered mountains. Her backbones the small hills, her chest the valley, from her neck, the north country. Her buttocks the plains, the buttocks being full with fat describes the fertile soil of the earth. Her eyes, the sun and moon, and from her mouth was born one who sent the sun and moon to shine in the sky.




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