Man has been playing god.

I will attempt to awaken you to the knowledge we all share but seem to have forgotten. There can not ever be true spiritual progress if we fear that which we seek to attain. Do not fear the Great Mother, fear the god man has transformed her into by use of oppression. Perhaps, we can say it is man who performed the first sex change, first in their minds and then through the power of hate, of non-acceptance, of god the father as the only religion of human kind, resulting in any and all worship of the Divine Mother Herself, any thought or speech or worship of the Motherhood of God, as being evil. She is our man-made devil. It is said, that it is simple to visualize god as a woman but, perhaps this is only because man has been playing god since time immemorial. Some of us know the inevitable fate of such a deceptive power. It is by and through Her grace alone, that Her will to awaken all of Her children to the memory of their Divine relationship. May you find the knowledge that we will share to be expansive to your own mind and to move into your heart and deeply touch true love.



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