A true mother who loves without conditions.

Of all the relationships that you can possibly fathom you will find that each one has its conditions, its relevance for reason of its existence. It is said in Yoga, that the Guru is the only relationship with ourselves that is considered more complete or beyond the relationship between the biological mother and her child. Why? Well, unfortunately the truth is that even most biological mothers love their child with conditions. A true mother who loves without cause needs nothing to define or give reason for her love for you. She loves you no matter what. Mahamataji, The Great Mother, was the only refuge I knew as a child. It is her lap I sought for comfort, Her love was the cure for any pain or suffering known in life, any sickness. She is the answer and the path. She is ultimate love, Divine Mother. The Motherhood of God hasn’t ever forsaken not one of her children.



One comment on “A true mother who loves without conditions.

  1. Only through my Guruji have I experienced unconditional love. I know for a fact my biological mother did not love me unconditionally. She did not love me at all. She told me, she just went through the motions of motherhood. But don’t feel bad for me or sorry. I have truly felt love, especially with my Beloved Guruji.

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