What people face during the holiday time.

One of these problems is loneliness, needing to be with others or wanting to be with others, and sometimes an even desperate feeling of having to be with others, for fear of being with ones own self, ones own thoughts, ones own fears. People struggle also at this time with a sense of worth, questioning if they are loved, if they’re lovable, if they can give love back, how important are they to others, to themselves, and if there is a feeling of some importance, is it genuine. In other words, do they feel that others truly want their company or their presence. People suffer with a need or with the desire to be with others. Some people need to be with others, and desire not to. I know that may be sounding like a contradictory, but just think about it. Some people do not want to be with others at all. They feel that they don’t need anyone. Of course, this is stemming from deep fears of not being wanted, or not feeling wanted, perhaps.

People go through a revaluation of their life at this time. From what is most important to them, to the things that are least important to them. They reevaluate the years they spent on Mother earth, searching for significance, searching for meaning.

You are never alone.



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