During the holidays, are we willing to be responsible for our own thoughts?

The inner turmoil that a person suffers with are exacerbated by the environment a person grew up in, the environment that one has surrounded oneself with, along with the immediate home environment that one lives in. To understand ones own struggles during the holiday time, all aspects of ones life need be considered. As difficult as this maybe, in order for us to delve into this, to gain some knowledge from it, and a better understanding of ourselves, then we must look at all things that are included in the problem.

There is definitely, during the holiday time, for many, a desperateness. The fears are so big that it leaves many people anxiety stricken, immobilized by so much stimulation, first within themselves, with their own thoughts and emotional turmoil. And of course, in the outer world there’s so much sensationalism. And the whole holiday time becomes almost unbearable, if not completely unbearable, and leaving a person feeling quite desperate as to what to do to preserve their sanity, to preserve their self.

If the mind itself sees only ugliness, that is all we will experience. We constantly have to ask ourselves, are we willing to be responsible for our own thoughts?



One comment on “During the holidays, are we willing to be responsible for our own thoughts?

  1. Before I met you I hated the holidays. Now, since you’ve been in my life I see things so differently. I look forward for the opportunity to celebrate life. Not that I need the holidays to do this. The days of dread during the holidays are but a memory so far off in the past. Thank you and I love you.

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