Childhood memories are the prime problem.

Fears are something that so many human beings suffer to fight back during the holiday time. Fear of being taken advantage of. Fear of not having enough money. Fear of not having others to be with. Fear of not being able to meet all the obligations that seem to come with the holiday time. I know there are many more, those are just a few examples.

Childhood memories are one of the prime problems that people face during the holiday time, unpleasant memories, abusive memories, memories of the holidays not being the way they are supposed to appear, or the way they appear to be going with others. All of these memories stay with us, and they make impressions in our mind, and they form the perceptions we have about anything and everything.

Impressions in the mind are created by past thought patterns. Each one of these thoughts set us up for future thoughts and future actions. These thoughts and actions depend on the very nature of yourself as a person. The very nature of these thoughts and actions create the thought am I happy or unhappy.


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