The gift giving and receiving is a problem for many.

I find that, what I call hard heartedness, is a deep-rooted problem of many, sinister, would be a good way to put it. People have grown indifferent at a time that the spiritual significance has been lost. We have forgotten what true thanksgiving is about. We celebrate it’s loyally to those people who landed on the banks of some waters, but thanksgiving, giving thanks, praising God for the opportunity to be in the human existence, and desire nothing but to return to bliss and peace, and live the life accordingly.

People have forgotten what Christmas is all about, or suppose to be. Yes, it is the spirit of giving, but even that has stretched so far away from its truth, and people have become sinister, they have become hard in their hearts. Many people find the holiday time to be a time to survive, get through it, feel as though they have fought the battle and won. Some feel that the battle is too hard to fight, and they give up.

The gift giving and receiving is a problems for many. The obligatory gift giving and receiving, rather than giving with a heart filled with love. Buying a gift is easy, putting ones heart and thought into any individual that they may really want to give something to, is so important. Because people are so overwhelmed time becomes a problem, there isn’t time to sit and think, what is it I’d really like to give from my heart. There isn’t time because there is work, and shopping, there is cooking to do, there are presents to wrap, there are people to see, and places to go, and before you know it, one is overwhelmed, not knowing what to do, becoming emotionally distraught. There are those who decide that, that is not something they even want to try, or they have tried it and they’ve become sinister. So, they don’t make the time in their life to do these things. They don’t include it in their day, they don’t cook, they don’t want to shop, they don’t want to have to face what they consider a painful time.over time. The impressions we have created in

Character is built from thoughts and actions over time. The impressions we have created in our own mind come from taking them in through our senses. Character is built of habitual thoughts and actions. This, over time creates separation from The Divine.



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