During the holiday time, “to thine own self be true”.

For many, children are made to be the problem at the holiday time, they want too much. We feel guilty because we are at work, and they are at school and day care, we spend only a few hour in the evening together so if I get you all things you want, you’ll be able to occupy yourself, because there isn’t enough time. Children become a problem because they don’t know the problems that perhaps one is facing at the holiday time, and the child becomes the problem because they are so jubilant, they’re happy, they’re caught up in the sensation of it all, and they enjoy it. There’s so much to eat, so much see, so much to do, so much laughter that they see, and we might get angry with them, because they’re young, and they don’t understand, and they should know that’s how we feel sometimes, they should know, everything isn’t wonderful, but your only a child, you have no cares like me, so they become the problem.

How these problems are handled depends on ones mental strength and stability, ones spiritual life, balanced emotions, and ones physical well-being. What happens often is a person digresses. They digress into the emotional turmoil of their childhood tendencies. The emotions have strengthened due to their hold on the minds perceptions, that are based on these past impressions, you see. A person will feel imprisoned, and feel unable to escape from this pressure, this emotional turmoil. However, I tell you, with true faith and devotion in ones spiritual life, that is, faith and devotion not born of fear, doubt, and coercion, one can escape the holiday blues. Ones mental strength, emotional balance, and healthy body depends on ones spiritual affiliation. Therefore, it is easy to see how many human beings suffer from the lack of spiritual aspiration by the percentage of human beings with holiday blues, it’s a very large percentage. I’m not just speaking of rote attendance to ones church, I’m speaking of true spiritual aspiration. One way of handling each and every one of these problems is to remember, “to thine own self be true”, then confront each problem.



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