We are in the orb of the full moon lunar eclipse in Gemini, a time of  contemplation, perhaps reassimilation .  Most important as the approaching of the eclipse it is the time for dipping into the well of knowledge in search of the allegedly obscure core of wisdom. The global turmoil will hasten.  But, I ask you… what about those whom do not carry a declaration of hate\war rape of the world in their hearts with a carefully skilled plan of conquering The Life Force. Why do you speculate rather than reach for the innate?

Because of this government many people hate this country and are unaware, many of you are not wanting what is occurring. Religion, politics, POWER OVER are cold-blooded systemically diseased beings smearing the mucus of dysfunction thru-out the nervous system of this planet and the consciousness. NOW is the time to remain steadfast in TRUTH! You WILL face your shadow self willingly or by the force of  this paradigm shift. It is an inevitable movement into the HEART CHAKRA. Time to reveal\remembre  the truth of the memory track, The Soul is the repository of ALL that you are and the life you have lived.

The Power of LOVE reemerging from the feminine forces WILL over come the tyranny of violent oppressive predatory means of KILLING Spirited feminine Beings, beginning with Mother Earth proving mankind and its cohort enabling woMEN to be merely a pon on the chess board of life.

According to statistics, 91% of womyn are fearful of violence more than all else.(Maria Hinojosa)  Violence by men, such as the 2012 military documentary,” THE INVISIBLE WAR” RAPE,TORTURE,CHRONIC HARASSMENT, ABUSE @ ALL LEVELS. THREATS OF MORE OF THE SAME IF SHE SPEAKS UP followed by the well planned out Feres Doctrine,One can not sue for harm while in the military stripping away HER and a minute (hims) of basic constitutional ‘rites’. Men rarely go against each other… HIS-STORY proves it for even the so-called high-ranking will remain ambivalent  to take action lest their sexual predatory self come to lite EH? These so-called god fearin’ pencil d**ks do not really APPEAR too fearful of BIG DADDY in the sky @ the moment of a vicious assault,most by the way ARE criminal serial RAPIST, YES, they have acted and reenacted out these lewd\lacivious acts before. 33% of femayles in the military do not report the rape due to the above mentioned HIS-STORY, the person SHE reports to is a friend of the rapist: even worse the one SHE reports to IS THE RAPIST in 25% of cases. FYI: the rapist is unaffected and the victims life is MOST OFTEN RUINED!!! Another statistic reported is THE AVERAGE SEXUAL  OFFENDER HAS  AT LEAST 300 VICTIMS IN A GIVEN LIFE TIME! NOW here is the irony RAPE IS CONSIDERED AN OCCUPATIONAL HAZARD IN THE MILITARY. Sound familiar?  Incest a familial hazard, dating, a social hazard, socializing, a personal choice hazard… Womyn insist the “care\release” program provided by the military is even more dangerous, better to opt out truly what a joke!

Men like dogs, only cold-blooded use womyn like fire hydrants pi**ing on the Spirit of the womyn to mark his territory often waiting in line for their turn, no thought no heart, but karma is unavoidable.

In the clinical field of psychology \as a Spiritual Preceptor and before adulthood awareness of this life purpose made This Girl a REFUGE for the abused esp. sexual. Many people may balk at the revealing of Truth you attain from This One, however having been born to two EVIL caretakers was the one pointed purpose of this life, a karmic choice to awaken as an infant how not to be. Knowing they too suffered abuses as a child I understand, but must use these experiences to awaken your ignorant enabling selves to the manifested infestation of intense chaos in the lives of the abused and all those who are in their lives; children spouses friends etc…

Final note: most of you have the USUAL opinions on these teachings of this nature when they are given, the wheel of samsara turns balance is a must. This Ones heart has been used against Her, but it will not silence Her. Not having ever been quiet about the Truth remember, the hidden you may run but the lite of awareness will shine upon you. Be not victim nor survivor, BE FEARLESS! Womyn are not yet united, still divided. Make effort to face OPPRESSION and protect the birthright to be vulnerable…PERFECT LOVE  PERFECT TRUST   SO BE IT




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