Why problems exist, with regard to the holiday time.

With childhood tendencies, we simply react to all the ugly memories in the unconscious, and the conscious. Even if the people in the situations of the past are not here in one’s life right now, one will continue to react to those faces, voices, and circumstances as though they are reliving them with each moment in the holiday time. Stopping old patterns is difficult, but it is not impossible.  

People blame and accuse others in order to avoid responsibility for ones own negativity or discomfort. This gives the person a reason to remain victim to any unfortunate circumstance they suffered. To take responsibility would mean becoming aware of the feelings these unfortunate memories have produced. This requires introspection, for along with this introspection comes memories of how we wanted to experience differently the holiday time, and we should hold on to those little memories of light.

Faith is born of this understanding. The battle of the ego becomes a little easier, because it is more difficult for the stickiness to bind past impressions born of the senses.



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