During the holidays, let love be the foremost thought.

Sometimes we’re not certain as to an exact problem, this is understandable, because although one thing may have happened to trigger negative feelings and thought, the reoccurrence of similar pattern in our outer world would feed the negative feelings and patterns, and they grow into hideous thorny jungles, that one builds around oneself, and the negativity remains as a constant reminder that holidays are not good. This creates a very dark and dismal view of this time.

We will not let go of our perceptions, we do not trust, we lose hope, and we refuse our self the happiness that is locked up inside. So basically, these problems are existing because they are floating in the unconscious of one, and one has imprisoned themselves in the past, and conditioned is how they live their present life. Conditioned by these imprisoning memories. And if it continues, then it determines the future of all holiday experiences, you see.

We don’t recognize we have strength, but once we see we have strength, there’s no reason to separate. The fear of vulnerability is so deep, we use it against each other. How do we react? We re-act with hatred, with malice, with contempt. Those pure of heart and quiet of mind, who have shown vulnerability are often physically completely destroyed. People allow themselves to be destroyed because vulnerability is seen as a weakness, not a strength. We cannot see the love of Divine Mother at work, especially at the worst circumstances. We see the circumstance as someone wishing to cause us harm and we stick to past impressions. How our self-righteous and wilfulness can be very destructive to our self and others.

Let love be the foremost thought. If love is the foremost thought and that’s what guides your actions, there’s nothing to worry about. Accept, hold Self steadfastly and stay quite disciplined to that.



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