The very essence of life is the presence of Spirit.

Karma, individually and collectively is something we need to be more conscious of. It will manifest its self, and it will take a toll on those who are not centered in their spiritual paths. It doesn’t matter if you pull away in the spiritual path, you are still walking the spiritual path but, most likely you are doing it with an extremely profound amount of resistance, and confusion. When we pull away from the centeredness of our spiritual path then we set ourselves up, the jiva, that is the individual soul, to be influenced by those energies. Do you understand? So it’s important that you do the right things for yourself, and for those around you. You must look beyond yourselves, and you must keep in your heart and your mind all those sentient beings, including yourself. Not just those who are affected by the manifestation of the hate, and the anger, and the evil, but for all of those who are suffering like yourselves, like all human beings, to fight against anger, and hatred, and violence.

There will be overtime a great deal of influences that will come your way. If you are of weak mind then you will stray from where you decided at some point to be. When you received the adikara from the Guru, either you continue to manifest its presence within yourself, or you continue to hide from it. If you are hiding from it then you will see that there will be ones that come into your path, or into your life that appear to be something you need or want. Because there is always the desire to move forward, and move into a state of awareness then we will glom onto whatever it looks like that will help us or aid us egocentrically on our path.

We all struggle with that blindness, some people more than others. Just remember that blindness is centered with the earth. Just a veil, maya herself, at her best. We all have the ability to overcome that blindness, all of us.

Each human being is a vessel, a body temple. Each individual being houses a soul. Spirit is flowing throughout all of life. Yet it is said that we human beings are the only conscious entity, meaning that we have the ability to assimilate and utilize our intelligence, and we even have the ability to decide how to use that intelligence.

All of life is spiritual. The only problem is, is that many people choose not to accept this, and that is simply because they cannot see the true beauty in life, the true beauty in living the human existence. The very essence of life is the presence of Spirit.



Unleash yourself from the binds of karma.

Faith requires purity of the heart. Faith comes about when one doesn’t think themselves right or wrong but, allows Divine Mother to be the determiner. To not allow oneself to be deceived by past impressions, that’s the key. Simply, it’s watching life go by, watching with the inner eye, the situation or occurrence. Basing it on the feeling that occurs in the heart and, is there a ripple in the mind?

If there is a ripple, you have aversion to it, if it goes by and you place no judgment one way or the other, you have made progress. Don’t try to understand the people, work from the heart and mind. Outside is a reflection of what’s going on inside. Resisting the evil, resisting the thought is what’s difficult for us. The company we keep, that awakens the latent thoughts that are already there. If we have a proclivity to evil thoughts or ugliness, we must not place ourselves in places or with people who incite that. We are born of love, we are born in love. Do you understand? Most people think they have little to no faith or integrity. Trying to find love, faith, gratification in the outside world leads to floundering. We won’t find happiness in any of that although we’re entrenched in it.

True Love makes no distinctions, everyone is suffering in the causes and effects of many lifetimes. There is always Love in a person’s heart waiting to be unleashed from the binds of karma. If you want to be free from the quagmire of avidya — ignorance, come to know through experience the unbridled Love flowing from this heart to yours. Allow the cooling waters of Motiveless Love to wash over the walls of human passion around your heart and merge in the stillness of compassion.

Learn to love freely. Have faith that it is possible. Practice acceptance. We are all a part of The One Love.


True Love lies deeply buried in the memory of all beings.

In Bhakti Yoga one invites Divine Mother into ones heart through Love and Devotion to The Divine in all of life in all beings. A Bhakta strives to release themselves from the binds of ego attachments and aversions, knowing that Love is present to some degree in every one of God’s creatures. True Love lies deeply buried in the memory of all beings only distorted by egos dominant forces of separation. No matter how ego may limit or distort Love — all Love is essentially Divine. When human beings speak of Love more often they refer to the consequences of Love between two people. We have so conditioned Love by the world’s view of Love that we seem to prefer the sufferings of Loving such as demands, expectations, jealousy and possessiveness, so we feel pain and are able to enjoy short intervals of what we call love. In this illusive refuge we call happiness, we emote about our relationships of love and look forward to more consequences so as to be reminded of how love is suffering. But somehow worth the long-term pain for the momentary pleasure.

If we would take the time to not view love coming from external objects and focus on the Love within us we would see the capacity to love free from desire and pain is infinite. Love free from any attachment and aversion is                       Pure Bhakti — Divine Love.

True Love is total acceptance. Tolerance is but a tiny step in the right direction, for it still denotes a sense of separateness. Only ignorance distorts True Love.

Imagine being in Love with Love. No objects involved. Imagine the knot in your heart loosened and all doubts and fears cease to exist. Imagine then the full capacity of the Love in your heart flowing forth without obstruction, without cause without desire; no need to identify with any particular form to define its presence. Completely intoxicated in Love, we would be unable to separate the flow of Love from our heart. We would not be bound by any law or code of morals or ethics to predetermine the outpouring of Love. This is called Motiveless Love.


Meditation is recognizing The Divine like Self in you.

We fight for it and we struggle against it! We speak of having and wanting what we call unconditional love, but we do this according to our expectations of how to love and how we believe we should be loved. Human beings therefore determine love by their concepts of what unconditional love is. Therefore, we experience many variations of the One Love which is difficult if not impossible to limit by definition. Love, in and of itself, has no boundaries. Love is beyond all concepts of logic and reason.

Mankind has filtered and divided love into categories of acceptance-conditions, levels and degrees according to who, what, when, where and how much or how little. This is segregation. This segregation is found in the collective consciousness of various groups and is based on prejudices, judgmentalness – basically a lack of knowledge of Love Itself. Loyalty is a big part in this separation of us and them. We divide Love through religions, societies, cultures, races, color, governments, neighborhoods, sexes, sexual preferences, money, family ties, and friends.

Meditation is recognizing The Divine like Self in you. You say you love God. There is nothing you won’t do to find The Divine within you. Renounce karmas, renounce old impressions, discipline, a changing of the thought patterns, an opening up of the heart allowing Self to feel Love of The Divine that already resides within.

The love of Divine Mother, our relationship with God The Mother re-quires no others to see our happiness. If we realize The Divine and it’s presence that works our bodies and minds, we release from everything.


Happiness is the cream cheese frosting of life, we should share it with everyone.

As we look at attitudes we need to keep in mind that one’s attitude is vital, I say, it is the all determining factor. How we go about ourselves is determined by our attitude, and therefore, the result of our actions is subsequent to attitude. We can substantiate this by using examples that we may have inside of ourselves of going about something with a bad attitude, and the results come out negative usually, and visa versa, good attitude, the results are usually positive.

Ones perceptions are influenced by attitude. Ones wrong perceptions can change if one is willing to change ones attitude. Say for instance, ones attitude toward the holiday time is negative, most likely, ones past perceptions are negative, and the lingering attitude is one of discontent. To recognize that discontent is stemming from the past, is the beginning of changing ones attitude.

If ones environment has changed from the past environment, and the negative attitude still exists, then as you can see one is simply stuck in the past. The past negative perceptions of what was, and that does not really apply to now, when one thinks about it. Ones external world has changed, but one refuses to change with it. There needs to be transformation, and an integration of the old, and the new, to really understand what really is.

Perceptions can be real and imagined. Each individual relies on their own data base of knowledge, conscious and unconscious. Each individual has their own expressions of emotion. Attitude can wax and wane with the tides of emotion, and the degree of attachment to ones perceptions. One can approach a similar situation, on two different occasions, and depending on the attitude, on each occasion, the outcome can vary greatly. Take for instance the holiday times, if one perceives them to be a time of happiness and sharing, and has an attitude of acceptance toward all sentient beings, one will not be swayed by the over sensationalism of commercialism. This attitude of acceptance allows for one to be inclusive of how others experience the holiday time without ones perceptions, real or imagined, to distract from the real experience.

If what occurs in your life makes you happy, that’s all you need to know, but don’t keep it to yourself, share your happiness. Happiness is the cream cheese frosting of life, we should share it with everyone.


Human birth, the greatest gift of all.

Ask yourself, what are your strengths, and take the time to recognize them.

If you are outgoing, then share your enthusiasms, and fun-loving nature with others. If you are introverted, then let your quietness be the strength of listening to others more openly and accepting. You see either way there can be strength.

If you are spiritually inclined, then pray to the Great Mother for wisdom, and at the same time be willing to renounce all ignorance, that is, narrow-mindedness, and unlock the gates of your heart.
If you are tenacious then use its energy to fight for your right to happiness. Destroy hate, anger, resentment, and soured perceptions toward holiday time. Go beyond the tiring strengths of mere survival. Step outside of your separateness, and come to know the true strength in giving freely of yourself to another.

This giving may be in the form of words, laughter, a hug, or a kind act no matter. The moment you step outside of your self-imposed prison the forgotten voice of your inner Self, your Soul, will revitalize your whole being. There is strength in recognizing its presence in you and in all others.

Recognizing and utilizing your strengths, may at first prove difficult, as doubts and fears do not drop off easily. However, through the releasing of negative thoughts and perceptions, you will find strengths you have long forgotten were within you.

Children go about life with the attitude of invincibility. Have you noticed? Why have adults let the world chaos, and turmoil of immediate environment, render them weak and helpless? Wake up, right now, don’t wait to go to sleep, and wake up tomorrow morning. You have taken human birth, the greatest gift of all. The strengths are already there. Have a willingness to transform the strengths of survival, for the strength of being born with the unlimited potentials of true happiness. Give back to life all that you have been given and more.

Take the time to acknowledge your strengths. To remember the childlike feeling of invincibility. That is helpful in remembering the strengths and utilizing them, because as a child, if you remember, there were times when you felt nothing could stand in your way, no one could keep you down. You would not buy into the negative thoughts and perception of others. It makes one courageous, and fearless. With courage, and with fearlessness one can allow the strengths to resurface, and make use of them. In serving ones highest good, and in serving God in all beings you can yourself be an aid to another in finding their strengths. This we must do more with each other, rather than beating each other down, and causing harm with our thoughts, our speech, and our actions.


Experience the holidays with a childlike view.

There are some who cannot meet the material obligations of the social norms, this inevitably raises fears, doubts, depression. This can cause one isolation. The holiday time is seen as an emotional roller coaster ride to be survived. These people, a long with the over obligors, have forgotten the truth of celebrating each holiday.

One must decide for oneself what truly has meaning for them. If something has no meaning for a person then it would be good to understand why. If a particular holiday or the whole holiday time has no meaning, what is this reason based on. If it’s emotionally mental imbalance do to ones up bringing, then one needs to do ones best to determine the origin of pain and discomfort. Evaluate the life, and discern between what was then, and what is now. Most likely the same old pattern of emotions and mental turmoil are coloring the view of here and now, this doesn’t need to be. To oblige oneself to attend a holiday gathering, or give and receive gifts, only carries the connotation of the past, their past experiences, and for these people they were negative. Then if this is so, one is assured that one will not grow or develop beyond their arrested mental impressions and negative emotions.

To give is to receive. One must give oneself the opportunity to experience the holidays without the negative past impressions tainting the experience. No one likes to be taken from, therefore, one must not take the potential for positive experience away by reliving the past negative experiences with each new day. Instead, desire to fulfill at least one obligation with a changed attitude, a childlike view, no expectations just being,  just do what you can do. Decide to try out the holiday experiences with an open mind, and heart filled with love and kindness for all of life. Give whatever you can, even if it’s just plain old plenty of laughter and hugs and kisses. Pleasant and meaningful conversation can be given, these are all gifts in and of themselves. Be sure you give and receive without any negative attachments of the past.


Duties and obligations are quite different from one another.

Obligations, I do believe, is a difficult one to wrestle with. Duties and obligations are quite different from one another. One must know and understand the difference between the two. Everyone has worldly duties. Karma yoga is doing ones worldly duties without attachment, dispassion. Obligations are added to ones regular duties, they are not the same. The duties are tasks that we have placed upon ourselves to accomplish, because of the way we live our life. Obligations are expectations that are to be met beyond ones duties, this is how it is seen.

These expectations are laid out by others, or by the others in our own head, and our personal attachment of fulfilling them whether we like it or not. Often, as I see, ones obligations are far too numerous, and get confused and entangled with ones duties. By this I mean, the list of obligations, especially at the holiday time, is quite overwhelming for a person mentally and emotionally, and it creates confusion and anxiety. This causes the body to react, because of the strain of too many uncontrolled thoughts, and the bodies limitations in being able to carry them out.

More often than not people over load themselves with expectations, mostly though in their own mind. Following through with them has an aspect of selfishness in it. The fears that come about, and they are fears that are born of this selfishness, are what things we think are like, “what will they think of me if I do or I don’t meet this obligation.” Everyone likes to be thought of and seen favorably. So, the more obligations that are met, the more one feels that they’re looked at more favorably.

One feels the self-worth is completely at stake, with regard to obligations, often. In fulfilling the obligation one has an artificial sense of completeness, just for that moment.

Another fear of not meeting an obligation is the obligor may not meet an obligation that we place on them. The tit for tat syndrome, like, I did something for you now you are obliged to me, you see, there is some karma yoga here too.

During the holidays to meet obligations dispassionately is the key. To be truly obliging means to meet each obligation with kindness, with the desire to please, without aversions or expectations. Know the difference between duty and obligation. At the holiday time many people fear not meeting all the obligations, may create further problems for them.


Gayatri – Mantra Yoga

In a child, to give is to receive.

I believe most people want to experience the joy deep within during the holiday time, and they’re looking for a reason, something to believe in. They usually go way into the euphoria of it all, hoping to feel something, something that will change their life. Some do not want to experience this time, because they cannot see past their own depression of what Christmas symbolizes for them. They can see through the false sensationalism of the holidays, however, they mix this knowledge, and these feelings into the past discouragements, and feed the negativity in the mind and the heart.

I know a way out of both. Come back to the deep center of the heart, think of being a child. A natural inclination in a child, is to give, give, no thoughts of money, no awareness of giving without receptivity. By this I mean, in a child, to give is to receive, they are already receiving before giving. In their heart and mind, they are only receptive to the idea of having given, and this gives them pleasure. Not once considering that the other would not want what it was that they were giving. It’s childlike to want to be given to, yes, this is giving from the heart.

Spiritually speaking, we must give to the Great Mother, first. Like the child who goes off with the scissors, the paper, paste, and crayons, and comes back to the Mother hours later, with a beautiful manifested creation of the child’s love for the Mother, in these materials. We can begin to do this with ourselves, and others.

Many blessing to all.