During the holidays are you arrested in the past?

During the holiday time all of these problems exist within, and in our outer world is the manifestation of their presence. It is difficult for the person drowning in sorrow to accept that there is a way out of prison, because any attempts to escape the suffering, has failed. Then another problem arises, because of these failed attempts, that is, one concedes that this must be their fate in life, to merely survive these four months or so, every year.

From the beginning one must resist and insist, when battling these problems of the past. One must resist the hold of these patterns in the mind, and insist that they become reconciled through knowledge, and understanding, that was then, this is now. One must resist the inner impulses to continually react to these old patterns. Do you see how it goes? This process could serve the person throughout the whole year, not just the holiday time. Why must we allow the dictates of past impressions, of negative experiences, keep us in the habitual pattern of reaction, and rule our outer response to the world that we live in? Why not let the obstacles of the past serve as lessons for how not to be, if we are aware of how unhappy we remain because of it?

You see, at whatever age it was, we experienced these problems, our perception of these events remains the same as the age of our first experience in them. In other words, say the negative experience occurred at age 5 or 6, we remain stuck, arrested in those feelings, and thoughts, and memories, and reactions, and with each surfacing of similar events, we react in the same way even though we are now an adult. We must be willing to see this, and change it, to be free of its bind.

Happiness is your birth right.



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