Be part of life, not apart from it.

Loneliness exists in one because one believes themselves to be separate from, rather than a part of life. Any feelings of, I am different, keeps one in this separateness. Contrary to popular belief, this is actually an inflated ego problem. The sense of worth, in this person, is just as big as the person of arrogance, because both believe themselves to be untouchable, you see. The ordinary human being has a need to be with others. The company one chooses is based on ones desires and expectations. Often the company of others is chosen to feed these fears, doubts, and emotions of the past, keeping them alive, per say. At times one desires the company of others, but refuses oneself this company, which in turn feeds the egos notion of unworthiness, or that others do not deserve their presence.

The problem of reevaluating ones life creates a great restlessness within oneself. As one looks at the life’s events, resistance to change inevitably surfaces. This creates fear, fear of loss, loss of ones own perceptions. These perceptions have defined who one believes oneself to be, and how it is they view the world. However, this reevaluation process can serve as a prioritizing process. One can rearrange the attitude and life according to importance based on what they feel is most important, not what has predetermined their life, thus far, according to their negative past impressions. Do you follow this?



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