One must find good in all of our problems.

When one is facing problems during the holiday time, one must find good in all of them. By that I mean, find a positive point in all the muck. If one cannot be with family during holiday, yet, one has a family of friends, they can celebrate the giving of thanks to being born in the human existence, and to pray, and rejoice in the spiritual aspects of Christ, and all saints, and sages coming to the earth to help all the suffering ones, then this is good, instead of taking advantage of poor me, and acting each holiday time on the reactions we had to unpleasant memories.

Spiritually speaking, suicide is one of the biggest sins that one can commit. We have no right to destroy the body temple which The Divine resides in as witness to all. People often become desperate, emotionally distraught. They refuse to allow their suffering to be relieved. In ignorance, they cling to problems that define their miserable existence, and wallow in it, believing there to be no way out. With even a thin connecting thread to the Divine in ones deepest despair, if one cries out to The Mother with sincere devotion, The Mother always runs to the wailing child, and picks them up to comfort them.

The fears one experiences are numerous during holidays, and even more so in this troubling time of war and tension. However, one need not live the life reacting to the fears of the past as though living them, the same situations over, and over again. Fear is immobilizing, and debilitating. One needs to face the fears, by changing ones past perceptions, and not basing ones actions on past fears, one can begin to see life in the here, and now.


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