Sharing truth in love, with humility on this auspicious day 12-12-12

What would make your heart sing? Do you know? Something that you can do for yourself, begin to plant a garden, promise yourself to treat yourself to a walk in nature from now on, take up the game of chess finally, write down the poems you create in your mind, paint a picture, no worry about the fears that come up about self-expression, maybe sing. Try one new thing you’ve always wanted to do, once a week. And for another, always greet another with kindness, share with other people the glimpses of happiness that you have experienced from your heart. Bake something, some for you, and some for another, make something with your scissors, paste, paper, and crayons that would make you smile and give it to someone else, so they can smile too. If you see something beautiful, take a picture of it and share the captured moment of beauty that you experienced with another. Do only what you can do, but do something good.

Do not let the influences of negative past experiences reflect the way that you are now. Don’t let them be the end and deciding factor as to how you will live your life at each holiday time. In these days of giving, you are giving to the all-pervasive Mother in you, and everyone, there’s no pressure in that. Just the spontaneous joy received from giving, will create a smile in the heart and on your face.

Self worth plays a big part here I know, but done with the heart of a child, and the child’s eye view of life, it changes ones attitude, purpose, and action, so I have witnessed. Let not the influences of a negative past keep you from living. We can know freedom in the light of love, and living the spiritual life.

Remember the truth of this holiday, Christmas, it is like the celebration of the great prophets and saints. Christ’s presence on earth was for the purpose of sharing truth in love, with humility. The presence of the Ones who have given us hope in the darkness of our ignorance.

Where has the truth, love, happiness, peace, and contentedness gone in so many, during the holiday time. It appears far from the hearts and the minds of many, return to the basics. Societies use to build themselves around Temples. Build your life around the spiritual basis of all of life, The One, The Eternal manifestation of The One in the many. May we serve humanity with love and compassion, by giving a smile, by giving a hug, by giving a kind word, by practicing, as ordinary human beings, what we have seen and know to be love, prem, the highest love, all can attain it. We must first express it with one another, it must come from within each and every one of us.

Jesus said, “Give and Ye shall receive.” Reach out, inevitably, there is an out stretched hand waiting to receive. Soon you will begin to see that each out stretched hand is but the mirror of yourself, the reciprocity of giving and receiving.

Love is the key. Truth is the answer. Faith is the path.



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