Lullaby of Divine Mother ( A Poem )

Lullaby of Divine Mother

Because they are weak – Because they are blind
Because they are ignorant – Because they are unkind
You stumble – You fall
You’ve reached your limit – Your face to the wall
No child, do not give up
Come let me wipe your tears and pick you up
Wake up; pay attention – Do not let yourself fall
into their hate and dissension
Remember who you are,
A child of God
All that you witness is just an illusion
You need not become one with this maze of confusion
Let them drink – Let them rage and scream
You must not lose sight of your ultimate dream
It’s your birthright to live free
Don’t let their pain swallow you up in misery
You hate who they are – You hate what you see
You swear like them – you will never be
No need to fight – No need to rage
Simply choose not to engage
Through their own fears and their own turmoil
they strive for power and insist on control as
they feverishly try to stuff you into their minds prefab little mold
Child if its freedom through change you truly seek
in the masses you all must speak what you weep
Be careful what you do – Be careful what you say
You may grow up to be what you hate someday
Always the cycle begins again
Your child may end up where you have been
Will they love or will they hate or
will you show them the way to the hearts gate?
Stop child, look inside
It is here your truth resides
I know you, you are not alone
You know me through countless eons
I am your inner voice – Residing in your heart
quietly, patiently
You do know right from wrong
Strengthen you integrity
Gain wisdom, become strong
Learn from the ignorance of your parents
Remember how it feels to be treated unkind
Do not let their ways take over your mind
Be kind to all your brothers and sisters
Do not tear them apart – Give love to them from
the depths of your heart
If you intend to overcome
mass vigilant hate, make haste stand up now
Speak out, do not be afraid
Child, remember your integrity
with your strong character you will never compromise
For you do see clearly the evil that feeds the hate filled minds
Hatred is the disease to which you must never fall prey
for I have given you life so you will
sing praises of Gods love one day
You see I am your parent – They are your caretakers
They too have heard this song but have chosen to live life all wrong
Love is the key that will abate your pain
From every form of hatred you must refrain
Hush your cries now child close your little eyes
Crawl back into my arms and I’ll sing you a sweet lullaby
renewing you with love
For love is the very essence of life
Love is the breath we share,
You and I

For all the children of the world.


Swami Shubhrananda


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