See the love, especially in difficult situations, during the holidays.

For most people there is a mixture of imagination in childhood memories, and a person is often unable to discern the truth. What I’m saying is, we often do not have a clear perception, therefore, we add to, or diminish what really occurred. Since our reactions are based on the situation perceived through our emotional filter, we are unaware of the total experience, and most human beings, being narcissistic, can only perceive an event from the narrow-mindedness that the world evolves around them, so to speak. If the perceptions are negative, then all future events of similar or same likeness will cause the person to project the same attitude, emotional tendencies, and perception equipped with bodily actions to come into manifestation. Do you understand?

The family pressures can and do burden a great many people. People will suffer, and endure holiday family functions out of obligation, with indifference, or anger and resentment, rather than be truthful, and somehow reconcile within ones own self, and with others if possible.

What about the children? They’re a problem because they exist, and we are struggling at personal levels with our own inner mess, and the mess of our worldly existence we have created for ourselves, and we force them to live in it. In the end they catch-all the back lash of our personal unhappy existence. So, at holiday time the voices of angry parents are carried on the wind. They can be heard telling children that they’re greedy, they’re oblivious, and should not think only of themselves. The children are shamefully and painfully reminded of all those who have less than them, as though it’s their fault. Basically, the same happiness, that exists in the center of all beings, is being squelched in them. Because the parent cannot bear to feel all that has caused them to forget what is so innocently expressed in their children.

God’s love reveals itself in so many forms. Our problem is we cannot see Divine Mother’s love, especially in a difficult situation. We jump to defensiveness, we jump to condemn, faining being mistreated, and misspoken to. If the mind sees good even in a difficult situation, we see the love of Divine Mother revealing itself in a form that allows us to change, strengthen our integrity and reveal character, then we stop fooling ourselves.



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