In a child, to give is to receive.

I believe most people want to experience the joy deep within during the holiday time, and they’re looking for a reason, something to believe in. They usually go way into the euphoria of it all, hoping to feel something, something that will change their life. Some do not want to experience this time, because they cannot see past their own depression of what Christmas symbolizes for them. They can see through the false sensationalism of the holidays, however, they mix this knowledge, and these feelings into the past discouragements, and feed the negativity in the mind and the heart.

I know a way out of both. Come back to the deep center of the heart, think of being a child. A natural inclination in a child, is to give, give, no thoughts of money, no awareness of giving without receptivity. By this I mean, in a child, to give is to receive, they are already receiving before giving. In their heart and mind, they are only receptive to the idea of having given, and this gives them pleasure. Not once considering that the other would not want what it was that they were giving. It’s childlike to want to be given to, yes, this is giving from the heart.

Spiritually speaking, we must give to the Great Mother, first. Like the child who goes off with the scissors, the paper, paste, and crayons, and comes back to the Mother hours later, with a beautiful manifested creation of the child’s love for the Mother, in these materials. We can begin to do this with ourselves, and others.

Many blessing to all.



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