Happiness is the cream cheese frosting of life, we should share it with everyone.

As we look at attitudes we need to keep in mind that one’s attitude is vital, I say, it is the all determining factor. How we go about ourselves is determined by our attitude, and therefore, the result of our actions is subsequent to attitude. We can substantiate this by using examples that we may have inside of ourselves of going about something with a bad attitude, and the results come out negative usually, and visa versa, good attitude, the results are usually positive.

Ones perceptions are influenced by attitude. Ones wrong perceptions can change if one is willing to change ones attitude. Say for instance, ones attitude toward the holiday time is negative, most likely, ones past perceptions are negative, and the lingering attitude is one of discontent. To recognize that discontent is stemming from the past, is the beginning of changing ones attitude.

If ones environment has changed from the past environment, and the negative attitude still exists, then as you can see one is simply stuck in the past. The past negative perceptions of what was, and that does not really apply to now, when one thinks about it. Ones external world has changed, but one refuses to change with it. There needs to be transformation, and an integration of the old, and the new, to really understand what really is.

Perceptions can be real and imagined. Each individual relies on their own data base of knowledge, conscious and unconscious. Each individual has their own expressions of emotion. Attitude can wax and wane with the tides of emotion, and the degree of attachment to ones perceptions. One can approach a similar situation, on two different occasions, and depending on the attitude, on each occasion, the outcome can vary greatly. Take for instance the holiday times, if one perceives them to be a time of happiness and sharing, and has an attitude of acceptance toward all sentient beings, one will not be swayed by the over sensationalism of commercialism. This attitude of acceptance allows for one to be inclusive of how others experience the holiday time without ones perceptions, real or imagined, to distract from the real experience.

If what occurs in your life makes you happy, that’s all you need to know, but don’t keep it to yourself, share your happiness. Happiness is the cream cheese frosting of life, we should share it with everyone.



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