Meditation is recognizing The Divine like Self in you.

We fight for it and we struggle against it! We speak of having and wanting what we call unconditional love, but we do this according to our expectations of how to love and how we believe we should be loved. Human beings therefore determine love by their concepts of what unconditional love is. Therefore, we experience many variations of the One Love which is difficult if not impossible to limit by definition. Love, in and of itself, has no boundaries. Love is beyond all concepts of logic and reason.

Mankind has filtered and divided love into categories of acceptance-conditions, levels and degrees according to who, what, when, where and how much or how little. This is segregation. This segregation is found in the collective consciousness of various groups and is based on prejudices, judgmentalness – basically a lack of knowledge of Love Itself. Loyalty is a big part in this separation of us and them. We divide Love through religions, societies, cultures, races, color, governments, neighborhoods, sexes, sexual preferences, money, family ties, and friends.

Meditation is recognizing The Divine like Self in you. You say you love God. There is nothing you won’t do to find The Divine within you. Renounce karmas, renounce old impressions, discipline, a changing of the thought patterns, an opening up of the heart allowing Self to feel Love of The Divine that already resides within.

The love of Divine Mother, our relationship with God The Mother re-quires no others to see our happiness. If we realize The Divine and it’s presence that works our bodies and minds, we release from everything.



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