True Love lies deeply buried in the memory of all beings.

In Bhakti Yoga one invites Divine Mother into ones heart through Love and Devotion to The Divine in all of life in all beings. A Bhakta strives to release themselves from the binds of ego attachments and aversions, knowing that Love is present to some degree in every one of God’s creatures. True Love lies deeply buried in the memory of all beings only distorted by egos dominant forces of separation. No matter how ego may limit or distort Love — all Love is essentially Divine. When human beings speak of Love more often they refer to the consequences of Love between two people. We have so conditioned Love by the world’s view of Love that we seem to prefer the sufferings of Loving such as demands, expectations, jealousy and possessiveness, so we feel pain and are able to enjoy short intervals of what we call love. In this illusive refuge we call happiness, we emote about our relationships of love and look forward to more consequences so as to be reminded of how love is suffering. But somehow worth the long-term pain for the momentary pleasure.

If we would take the time to not view love coming from external objects and focus on the Love within us we would see the capacity to love free from desire and pain is infinite. Love free from any attachment and aversion is                       Pure Bhakti — Divine Love.

True Love is total acceptance. Tolerance is but a tiny step in the right direction, for it still denotes a sense of separateness. Only ignorance distorts True Love.

Imagine being in Love with Love. No objects involved. Imagine the knot in your heart loosened and all doubts and fears cease to exist. Imagine then the full capacity of the Love in your heart flowing forth without obstruction, without cause without desire; no need to identify with any particular form to define its presence. Completely intoxicated in Love, we would be unable to separate the flow of Love from our heart. We would not be bound by any law or code of morals or ethics to predetermine the outpouring of Love. This is called Motiveless Love.



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