Unleash yourself from the binds of karma.

Faith requires purity of the heart. Faith comes about when one doesn’t think themselves right or wrong but, allows Divine Mother to be the determiner. To not allow oneself to be deceived by past impressions, that’s the key. Simply, it’s watching life go by, watching with the inner eye, the situation or occurrence. Basing it on the feeling that occurs in the heart and, is there a ripple in the mind?

If there is a ripple, you have aversion to it, if it goes by and you place no judgment one way or the other, you have made progress. Don’t try to understand the people, work from the heart and mind. Outside is a reflection of what’s going on inside. Resisting the evil, resisting the thought is what’s difficult for us. The company we keep, that awakens the latent thoughts that are already there. If we have a proclivity to evil thoughts or ugliness, we must not place ourselves in places or with people who incite that. We are born of love, we are born in love. Do you understand? Most people think they have little to no faith or integrity. Trying to find love, faith, gratification in the outside world leads to floundering. We won’t find happiness in any of that although we’re entrenched in it.

True Love makes no distinctions, everyone is suffering in the causes and effects of many lifetimes. There is always Love in a person’s heart waiting to be unleashed from the binds of karma. If you want to be free from the quagmire of avidya — ignorance, come to know through experience the unbridled Love flowing from this heart to yours. Allow the cooling waters of Motiveless Love to wash over the walls of human passion around your heart and merge in the stillness of compassion.

Learn to love freely. Have faith that it is possible. Practice acceptance. We are all a part of The One Love.



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