Spiritual knowledge, The Great Garba, the womb of Ultimate Truth.

In the awakening of The Absolute power within, one goes beyond the realm of what is known as transcending time and space and enters into that which is infinite, eternal, unchanging, everlasting.

Through the use of form and name personification, one moves beyond the sense realm to the impersonal Absolute knowable, truth. It is wisdom we seek, which is beauty and joy far beyond physically creation, yet it is found in all of creation. This knowledge I speak of is spiritual knowledge, spiritual knowledge being the Great Garba, the womb of Ultimate Truth.

Once we enter the womb we are reborn, we are transformed from the world of manifest knowledge and unfolded into pure consciousness itself. This process requires deep inquiry into our selves, renouncing little by little the gross knowledge of our perceived notions of life, our attachments to the world of objects to define our existence, and into the deeper truths, which are hidden by appearance. These realizations can inspire us to go even deeper and they can frighten us by the truths revealed about life itself.

I always tell students be careful what you ask for, for you may not like what you get. The process of Self Realization is not always a pleasant one. To unveil The Truth can be quite shocking to our minds. I’m not saying shun all the knowledge that you’ve gained in this earthly existence. I am saying, recognize its limitations to your consciousness. But, yes you must push aside the worldly knowledge and your tendencies to grasp at it as only that to be known, for it is mere information child, just data, thought infused with emotions.

One must move from logic and reason, what we call facts gained through the process of reduction, and into the realm of imagination, creativity, and be willing to participate through experience, entering the many dimensions within one’s own universe.

Everything exists in the mind. The entire universe is at this very moment flowing through your nervous system. Awaken your mind to Her Divine presence within you and all of life.



Repetition of sacred sounds called mantras energises the mind.

Our bodies are three-fold, causal body, astral body, and physical body. The astral body consisting of what we call the chakras, beginning at the root center at the very base of the spine up to the throat center, the place where we communicate as human beings.

At the root center, The Word, Her Divine essence, awaits awakening to Her presence. Beginning at the throat, remember the place of audible speech, we must awaken next the heart chakra, which is thought and then descending to the navel chakra, which is illumined speech, and finally the root chakra transcendent speech. We say in yoga this is done through repetitious sacred sounds called mantras energizing the mind. These sounds are speech relating to sensation. In other words, the power of speech must descend to the root chakra in order to allow the energy of consciousness to ascend, therefore awakening to our highest potentiality. This requires discipline; discipline of the mind, the breath, and the body, thus energizing the divine word, which is then audible at the throat.

These are what we know to be the utterances of the seers, who speak from this very experiential knowledge. This is wisdom in the form of the language of audible speech.  This is not solely the claims of Hindu masters but of all those who practice the religions of the Great Mother.

To worship Her fully requires knowledge, for knowledge is Her true form. Again, I remind you, self inquiry is the means of acquiring knowledge. We do this through meditation on the Goddess. We must search and through our discoveries, find that which is secret, hidden, a mystery, subtle yet knowable, and sensitive, Her Divine Self in us. She therefore is the teaching itself and that which is comprehensible.


The ultimate realization is that we are all a part of the transcendental reality.

Mahatma Gandhi reminds us, there is much reason for man to wish that he was born a woman, as for woman to do otherwise. But the wish is fruitless, let us be happy in the state to which we are born and do the duty for which nature has destined us. As human beings, we need a personal relationship between ourselves and the cosmic reality.

We need experiential truth in our every day lives to teach that the highest philosophy is comprehensible through concrete experience. To commune with cosmic reality we must be able to communicate with nature at all levels. For human beings, we do this through our emotions.

The ultimate realization is that we are all a part of the transcendental reality and are aware that it is a part of us, including animals, plants, and even inanimate nature. For She is present in all of life and all of life resides in Her. I said we must be able to communicate at all levels. As human beings our primary source of communication is speech, speech at the grossest level we say, that being audible speech in the throat.

In the Rig Veda, it tells that there are four levels of speech. Those of spiritual wisdom know them, all three placed in secrecy cannot be manipulated. Mortals speak only or predominately with the fourth. It is said the Goddess is The Divine Word, which has feminine nature. In the Vedas it states, “In the beginning was The Word and The Word was The Goddess”. We must come to realize communication at all levels is necessary to awaken to the absolute. In yoga, we say the word lies dormant in us.


Listen to the Song of the Soul 2

Listen to the symbols of your Soul.

The religion of The Mother is the religion of acceptance.

All of life is sacred, only to be experienced through many forms fulfilling one’s own need for personal expression of the one Divinity. Well, for most people this is considered to be too impersonal, not enough boundaries, not rigid enough, too inclusive, too accepting.

The religion of The Mother is the religion of acceptance.  The path of Yoga is not literal, literal in the sense of our understanding that is strict adherence to a particular set of words or one name or one form, but more symbols, mantra, singing, meditation, self inquiry, all leading to deeper understanding of the mind.  To become literal, dogmatic in our approach is to restrict the potential of unfoldment to eternal truth. Can you understand that?

The yogini, the yogi filled with the highest inspiration is focused on the lotus feet of Mother in the heart. You see the various anthropomorphic forms of the Goddess do not pose contradiction for all those who worship Her. She is the Absolute, appearing in the form most conducive to one’s own individual nature. Why, because in the chosen given form, She is most approachable at the very basic level of perception of the individual worshiper. Is this not just like a mother?

As human beings we tend to use our senses to perceive, yes. Unlike the father god who remains untouchable, unknowable, unseeable, and for most inaudible, therefore, unmanifest. So, basically unperceivable, except to the man Jesus Christ and certain saints deemed by the church, mostly male saints, mostly deemed by men.

The Goddess is Divinity in every form and beyond all form. Great seers who have experienced The Mother in Her many forms have provided humanity with detailed experience of visualization of the personifications of what is otherwise known to be abstract to western religions. These personifications of spiritual truths let us know that contact with our Divine nature is possible through the experience of Her presence as a living reality exemplified through sensate imagery,  you see?


In the Devi Gita the Goddess speaks.

In the Devi Gita the Goddess speaks, “Before the beginning of the universe, I alone existed with no other than Myself. That Self nature is called by the names of consciousness and wisdom and the supreme Brahman.” In the Rig Veda the Devi speaks, “I create the father of the universe on the summit of the worlds. My origin is within the cosmic waters, in the universal sea, from there is extended to all the worlds, and touch the ridge of heaven. I bow like the wind setting in motion all the universe for beyond heaven and beyond this earth extends My Greatness.”

The entire universe is but a reflection of the one intelligence, constantly creating and animating through Her transformative power. Patriarchal religion denies this emphatically but, it cannot ever completely banish the Motherhood of God entirely for She is the web of the cosmos. She is the rhythm pulsing, the one thread tying us all together as We. She is the primordial essence breathing life into Her beloved.

The foundation of the oldest religion The Motherhood of God thrives today on something far more powerful than theory, far greater than the most genius human intelligence, that being the knowledge of the truth which is the Oneness of the Universe. It is with this knowledge that I will leave you to take deep contemplation.

May the power of truth serve you in the awakening of your memory.


Our culture in particular is completely out of balance.

Many men have a deep connection with Divine Mother yet, culturally they struggle with the right to express this deep connection for they may later be considered abominations of the male species, unmasculine.

Our culture in particular is completely out of balance. Woman fear expressing their full potential, so they remain inharmonious with their own mind, body and spirit. Submissive to god the father as the all mighty authority dictating what they should feel, how they should act and to whom they should answer, oh, exhibiting small explosions of aggression when the oppression becomes unbearable. These explosions are hideous perversions at the attempts to recapture equality, such as insisting on the right to be a recognized member of some all male organization, which the mass feminine find debasing to womanhood to begin with. I know perhaps that’s a bad example. It came to mind.

Men remain inharmonious within their own mind, body and spirit insisting that they are the ultimate power and to remain so cannot afford them to acquiesce to experiencing emotions, predominately considered an affordable weakness preserved for the feminine. Only this seems to assure them of this power and be evidence to them as to why they must remain the ultimate dominance. Yet, mankind insists you can’t live with them and you sure as hell can’t live without them, a bit paradoxical.

Mankind insists that every female remain undefiled, holy, yet at a snap of a finger she must transform herself into a whore for the man’s physical pleasure, again paradoxically maddening I would think for both male and female. I say we have simply lost sight of our Divinity in humankind.  In reality, the feminine and the masculine exist in all. We are human yes, but first we are Divine.


Every woman is a manifestation of the Goddess.

In Indian religion teaches that every woman is a manifestation of the Goddess within. Imagine if we could look beyond the narrow-minded limitations of our own culture which has laid in place for womankind to be limited to relevant truth made up to suit mankind.

Imagine if we could see the true beauty of the feminine in birth, in the young woman, in the aging woman, in the old woman, in the crone, the dying woman. Imagine if we would embrace the full potentiality of the feminine and renounce our beliefs and misperceptions of what is said to be feminine and unfeminine according to the dogmatic father God’s dictated relevance of truth. Perhaps we would welcome into the human psyche all qualities of womankind including strength physically, mentally and spiritually, including the warrior spirit of courage and aggression.

Is it not a mother’s love that is inclusive of anger if her child is threatened? And I ask you, would it then also be more acceptable for a man to be gentle, kind, tender, loving and nurturing, all being children of the one Motherhood of God? It is every human being’s right to recognize and embrace these qualities within themselves.


The Goddess presence is still alive in Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

In the religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam there is no Goddess, yet the existence of Her presence is still alive, yet discreetly so in mention. There is little mention of Her ever-present guidance to the ultimate truth.

It is through the constant enriching oral traditions of cultures enduring the raging wars in attempts to kill the oldest religion of the Mother that we feel and experience and celebrate Her ever inspiring love, truth and guidance. The wisdom force is preserved and passed through myth, through story, song, dance and yes, the deepest reverence for a truth that lies deeply buried within the human psyche. The sacred spirit though somewhat oppressed is ever-present.

If the light of truth were to ever be completely doused, all of life would cease at that very moment. While the father god of western religion keeps us at a distance and remains inaccessible on his throne of separateness, The Motherhood of God beckons us to come into her lap by reaching into the unconsciousness. She reveals Herself through symbols mirroring Her presence alive at the center of every form of nature. Mirrors are considered sacred in the religion of the Great Mother. The Guru is said to be the mirror of the disciple or the student revealing the student’s true beauty despite what the reflection seems to be.