Happy New Year 2013

I hope in some way that this vessel has been an instrument for the presence of Her Love, and the spreading of Her compassion like a blanket across the Souls of all of you, that you may be warmed in Her Love, and in Her Truth, as best spoken in the words that I have given you in this past year. Gayatri a song I chant this for the Spiritual Abundance of All Beings.

Divine Mother Bless All Beings

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti


4 comments on “Happy New Year 2013

  1. Your words continue to be an inspiration to my life. Your Love & Compassion warms my heart towards my efforts to become more aware and conscious. This chant is as beautiful now as when I first heard you sing it. I am grateful and thankful for your presence for without it I would have continued to be in the darkness of my ignorance.

    • Your many years of devotion and love are what have brought you out of the darkness of your ignorance. Listening beyond just hearing the Guru’s spoken words becomes effortless at some point in ones life. May your heart remain warm and your mind remain sharp while your remain in this life but not of it. Prem

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