New Year’s Resolution – Purify the Mind

A pure mind is a quiet mind undisturbed by internal patterns, and external influences. Most human beings have an internal dialogue of circuitous thought patterns that are constantly influencing their actions. I tend to call this the “committee”, and the committee is always in debate, in other words, there’s always a constant duality within oneself.

The pure mind has relinquished thoughts, especially, contradicting thoughts to ones higher good; thoughts that remove one from potential growth, and development, but instead preserve the narrow perceptions to which the mind is attached, this is ignorance.

To move through this world with pure mind means, one has to expand ones knowledge base to fill the darkness of ignorance with light, and integrate the light of truth with ones own thoughts and perceptions, all moving toward the higher good, the expansion of ones awareness. Hold the accumulated light, that it may permeate the darkness of ignorance so that you may see the truth beyond your own limited perceptions.

There must be a willingness, and a desire, to go beyond ones limitations. This is what we call a one pointed focus, with determination. This is what will serve in strengthening the mind.

To purify our mind, we must be willing to renounce our attachment to emotions that do not serve to our benefit. In other words, emotions that create a darkness in the mind and the heart that seem to hold us in place, stuck, unable to grow, and move beyond what holds us. Emotions are strong and powerful. We must be willing to release old perspectives. Not always easy to replace them with new ones, but at least be conscious of what makes us feel ill inside in our own thoughts; and how that illness is projected out on to others, and into their lives. Choosing awareness over deeply embedded negative patterns, this is best.



4 comments on “New Year’s Resolution – Purify the Mind

  1. Hi. A thought provoking post, one that I have re-read. So much has gone on in the last few weeks, in a very negative way, that my equilibriam has become unbalanced… And I want it back. Outside influences have caused my internal self much disruption. I know that things run their natural cause and my balance will be restored; but it is that middle part – the waiting – that I must work on to calm my mind, heart and thoughts. I realized that I cannot control other’s actions, only my own, and it’s that I have to keep on bearing in mind. Namaste.

    • Since the super moon in May, the vibration of consciousness has sped up immensely. Thus, sensitive people are greatly affected. Your outside influences are drawn to you via your own karma. Wait for nothing, wait for no one. In this time of your life requires doing. Your waiting is giving the control of your life to those outside influences. What in you is unaccepting of your circumstances causing your mind to surf. The secret I give to you is, the peace you desire is in the balance OF the heart mind, meaning heart in mind and mind in heart. Sublimate your emotional barriers and your feeling of truth will emerge. I am here for you if need be.

  2. I had a deep converstaion with my friend about trying to understand another person whom I have been having problems with. And she helped me to try to let go of the situation consuming me. And in the middle part, I have decided to no longer sit on my hands and to begin getting on with my life again with a renewed sense of determination. So I am moving forward well.

    I am glad that you mentioned Karma though, because I have had repeated patterns my whole life regarding other’s and the way I get treated [by some]. And many a time I have asked myself “Why”? As It’s always the same occurence: At times I will become victimized by someone I may or may not even know. I see it as a recurring pattern; the “Why” question has no answer so I guess that it could, now you mention it, be down to Karma.

    I want to ask you… “What can I do”? “Can my Karma be changed; can I change it”? “And is there a way for me to grow so as to put an end to these repeated instances”?

    Your insight will be much helpful.

    • Child, Do? too many words to say, karma is transcendent, yes. To”put an end” is to entre the dark nite of the soul and slay the inner committee of mind attachments. Will, tenacity, Love, Compassion and KNOW opinions are like a** holes everyone has one..BEWARE of wounded masquerarding healer “friends” Is their house in order?

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