To hope, to dream, to love, to experience life without regrets is freedom.

There is freedom in the one who feels free to hope, to dream, to love, to experience life without regrets; but knows remorse for the wrong doing that one has done, and continues to search for balance within ones own heart and mind. Be free from fear.

Remember that you are always free to make choices in your life. Release your mind from its negative memories of the past, and open yourself to the presence of the flowering beginnings of your new perceptions, new ideas, and your chosen unfolding happiness. You have always been free, just simply not aware of it.

We all have many barriers. It is not the freedom which is hard to obtain, it’s the resistance to freedom that we all struggle with. We need not wait for the death of the physical body to experience freedom. This is only freedom from the physical sheath itself, anamaya kosha.

Remember, it is never others who enslave us, but we are enslaved in this body by our own thoughts, our own desires, and previous actions. We have no one to blame for the way that we are, no one. AhamBrahmasmi- I am the creative principle, I think therefore, I create. Take heed to this, and use caution in your thoughts. Dowse the fires of passion that fuel the enslaving negative thoughts and beliefs. With a changed attitude, one can begin to experience the freedom to make positive choices for a healthier, peaceful existence, and actually share in the beauty of life.



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