Deep grooves of karma.

The disservice of weakening our integrity is done to ourselves by burying ethics, living man-made morals decided by another’s tendencies and seeds of karma are then sewn deep. Each persons life is touched with these misconceptions and we create more and more of a groove to dig ourselves out of. If we have the tendency to live by principles whether based on truth or not, this is when the grooves of karma are created for ourselves. What are the impressions, this is the point.

Character is something we have to build. Is the character we have built, on impressions based solely on the five senses, if so then we’re of weak character. How many times have we sat within ourselves knowing something was not right yet, we did it anyway. We are afraid to sit alone in the truth. How difficult it is for us to stand alone in the truth. If we know something is being done wrong, we may go with it because others are. Do we fear standing alone? That is what I mean about vanity, social acceptance.

Blaming others for our action is not accepting responsibility for our own impressions. We are responsible for our own thoughts and actions thus created ………… Some people can be evil or ugly to us. I’m not saying you have to allow that. What are your thoughts on that? What will come about in you, do to their way of being? Do you really know, of what you say you know is true? How does one discern this? Faith comes in here.

Take for instance Krishna and Arjuna. Krishna told Arjuna, “you have to fight.” Some people are cowardice, whereas some fight unnecessarily. We must become our thoughts and control our actions. Everyone is always looking at the socially acceptable thing to say or do, resist that! It’s not going to work if the display is resistance and the thought remains the same. This creates deeper impressions along the same thought patterns.



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