Moksha (Liberation)

Global Balance is a vision I believe is rooted deep in the souls memory track of each person. We all strive for that global balance at the level of our own small universes within this vast world we have created. We strive for balance in our family environment. We strive for balance at our work place. We strive for balance within our individual being. Our interrelationships affect us at subtle levels of our unconscious self and can cause us to react to life in ways that set and repeat patterns of existence for a very long time.

If given the choice, we all choose happiness in place of unhappiness. This happiness is not attainable with the belief and expectation that “someone else” is responsible for our happiness or lack of it. We are responsible for our stage and station in life. If we want a happy life then we must begin the preparation for this happiness by taking a look at ourselves and begin the process of changing old patterns or habits creating disharmony, and dis-ease in ourselves. We must work toward the true nature of our soul, Truth. How? One may ask, is this possible in this chaotic world. I will tell you, yes, by focusing on you.

It is the breath of Divine Mother, it is the movement of the Mother’s energy. It is the consciousness awakening over and over again. Attune yourself to it, so that you remember, so that you remember that your birthright is happiness and to really know that true happiness, one must turn inward calmly, clearly, willingly effortlessly.

In Eastern Philosophy, it is said that the way to a happy life is through moksha (liberation). Liberate yourself from the thoughts and beliefs that keep you wrapped up in the fears of life. Life is not to be feared.



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