The Goddess presence is still alive in Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

In the religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam there is no Goddess, yet the existence of Her presence is still alive, yet discreetly so in mention. There is little mention of Her ever-present guidance to the ultimate truth.

It is through the constant enriching oral traditions of cultures enduring the raging wars in attempts to kill the oldest religion of the Mother that we feel and experience and celebrate Her ever inspiring love, truth and guidance. The wisdom force is preserved and passed through myth, through story, song, dance and yes, the deepest reverence for a truth that lies deeply buried within the human psyche. The sacred spirit though somewhat oppressed is ever-present.

If the light of truth were to ever be completely doused, all of life would cease at that very moment. While the father god of western religion keeps us at a distance and remains inaccessible on his throne of separateness, The Motherhood of God beckons us to come into her lap by reaching into the unconsciousness. She reveals Herself through symbols mirroring Her presence alive at the center of every form of nature. Mirrors are considered sacred in the religion of the Great Mother. The Guru is said to be the mirror of the disciple or the student revealing the student’s true beauty despite what the reflection seems to be.



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