Our culture in particular is completely out of balance.

Many men have a deep connection with Divine Mother yet, culturally they struggle with the right to express this deep connection for they may later be considered abominations of the male species, unmasculine.

Our culture in particular is completely out of balance. Woman fear expressing their full potential, so they remain inharmonious with their own mind, body and spirit. Submissive to god the father as the all mighty authority dictating what they should feel, how they should act and to whom they should answer, oh, exhibiting small explosions of aggression when the oppression becomes unbearable. These explosions are hideous perversions at the attempts to recapture equality, such as insisting on the right to be a recognized member of some all male organization, which the mass feminine find debasing to womanhood to begin with. I know perhaps that’s a bad example. It came to mind.

Men remain inharmonious within their own mind, body and spirit insisting that they are the ultimate power and to remain so cannot afford them to acquiesce to experiencing emotions, predominately considered an affordable weakness preserved for the feminine. Only this seems to assure them of this power and be evidence to them as to why they must remain the ultimate dominance. Yet, mankind insists you can’t live with them and you sure as hell can’t live without them, a bit paradoxical.

Mankind insists that every female remain undefiled, holy, yet at a snap of a finger she must transform herself into a whore for the man’s physical pleasure, again paradoxically maddening I would think for both male and female. I say we have simply lost sight of our Divinity in humankind.  In reality, the feminine and the masculine exist in all. We are human yes, but first we are Divine.



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