In the Devi Gita the Goddess speaks.

In the Devi Gita the Goddess speaks, “Before the beginning of the universe, I alone existed with no other than Myself. That Self nature is called by the names of consciousness and wisdom and the supreme Brahman.” In the Rig Veda the Devi speaks, “I create the father of the universe on the summit of the worlds. My origin is within the cosmic waters, in the universal sea, from there is extended to all the worlds, and touch the ridge of heaven. I bow like the wind setting in motion all the universe for beyond heaven and beyond this earth extends My Greatness.”

The entire universe is but a reflection of the one intelligence, constantly creating and animating through Her transformative power. Patriarchal religion denies this emphatically but, it cannot ever completely banish the Motherhood of God entirely for She is the web of the cosmos. She is the rhythm pulsing, the one thread tying us all together as We. She is the primordial essence breathing life into Her beloved.

The foundation of the oldest religion The Motherhood of God thrives today on something far more powerful than theory, far greater than the most genius human intelligence, that being the knowledge of the truth which is the Oneness of the Universe. It is with this knowledge that I will leave you to take deep contemplation.

May the power of truth serve you in the awakening of your memory.


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