The ultimate realization is that we are all a part of the transcendental reality.

Mahatma Gandhi reminds us, there is much reason for man to wish that he was born a woman, as for woman to do otherwise. But the wish is fruitless, let us be happy in the state to which we are born and do the duty for which nature has destined us. As human beings, we need a personal relationship between ourselves and the cosmic reality.

We need experiential truth in our every day lives to teach that the highest philosophy is comprehensible through concrete experience. To commune with cosmic reality we must be able to communicate with nature at all levels. For human beings, we do this through our emotions.

The ultimate realization is that we are all a part of the transcendental reality and are aware that it is a part of us, including animals, plants, and even inanimate nature. For She is present in all of life and all of life resides in Her. I said we must be able to communicate at all levels. As human beings our primary source of communication is speech, speech at the grossest level we say, that being audible speech in the throat.

In the Rig Veda, it tells that there are four levels of speech. Those of spiritual wisdom know them, all three placed in secrecy cannot be manipulated. Mortals speak only or predominately with the fourth. It is said the Goddess is The Divine Word, which has feminine nature. In the Vedas it states, “In the beginning was The Word and The Word was The Goddess”. We must come to realize communication at all levels is necessary to awaken to the absolute. In yoga, we say the word lies dormant in us.



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